Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Carriage Crash Incident

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Zuo Fangping had not expected such a matter to happen.

Huang Yueli was already detected his presence even before he struck out!

Zuo Fangping was an extremely rare Dark attributed practitioner, so in terms of concealment and assignation, he had an exceptional innate talent. Even same level practitioners were not able to detect his presence.

However, this seemingly weak lass, whom he could crush with just one finger, had actually discovered him?

How did she do it?

The more ridiculous thing was the Profound Armaments that this lass threw out were all fifth grade items! The power concealed in these fifth grade Armament Weapons were exceptionally high and were more than enough to cause damage to peak fifth level practitioners!

Luckily Zuo Fangping was quick in his response and after he immediately avoided the place where the Thunder Flame Ball had dropped, otherwise his face could have be ruined!

Even so, Zuo Fangping’s arm was grazed by a flying dagger and was bleeding. His face had also been hit by the ashes of the Thunder Flame Ball’s explosion and was full of dust, looking especially discomposed.

Zuo Fangping had never expected himself to be hurt by a second degree realm lass!

As one of the direct descendant disciples, not only did he had exceptional cultivation, cultivation methods, profound skills and treasures were much better than the others. So same levelled practitioners were not his match at all.

He had never imagined that this time he would be hurt by such a weak lass!

Zuo Fangping’s expression turned ugly, feeling a loss of face!

His intent to kill grew stronger and couldn’t wait to tear Huang Yueli into two halves at the first moment possible!

But Huang Yueli’s reaction was simply too fast. At the time when she used the Thunder Flame Ball to force his retreat, she had already flew a great distance away.

Zuo Fanging rushed out from the black smoke, feeling exasperated while chasing after her.

Just as their distance was narrowing, Zuo Fangping’s eyes flashed a chilly glint, “You wretched lass, no wonder Junior Sister Murong want you dead so badly, you’re not a good thing after all! Too bad, today will be your death anniversary!”

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli’s silhouette wavered and rushed into Li Xue’er’s carriages.

The horses leading the carriages instantly turned mad and ran wildly, carrying the carriage and collided towards Zuo Fangping.

The speed of the carriage was simply too fast!

The wheels in the carriage sped so fast that dust from the ground made the visibility of the surroundings to become blurry.

Zuo Fangping’s speed was extremely fast too and by the time he had reached, even though he knew he would crash into them, there was no way to stop at all!


A huge sound reverberated and Zuo Fangping had already collided with the galloping horse carriages!

Profound Energy was unleashed from Zuo Fangping’s body and instantly formed a protective bubble, encapsulating his entire body. But he flew several meters away from this impactful crash and simultaneously a mouthful of blood flushed towards his throat.

He forcefully swallowed back that mouthful of blood but felt that his entire body was filled with pain. Apparently, he had sustained rather severe internal injury.

However, with his fifth degree realm power, this injury would recover in time and would not hinder his actions.

On the other end, Li Xue’er and the rest were not that lucky.

Their carriage was originally not any Profound Armament and was slightly toucher and lavish than usual. Upon the impactful crash against Zuo Fangping, half of the horses that were pulling the carriages were dead as the body of the carriage completely split open.

As for those sitting in the carriage, they were already tumbled in all directions by the sudden speed of the horses and at this moment, all of them came rolling down the carriage.