Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 628

Chapter 628 Makes One Feel Restless

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To tumble down from a speeding carriage was an extremely dangerous thing and even though those on the carriage were not weak practitioners, however under the circumstances of being caught off guard, they were not able to deploy their Profound Energy to protect their body so all of them fell heavily onto the ground.

Besides that, as the speed of the carriage was extremely fast, after they fell onto the ground, they were not able to stop and started rolling several rounds far, far away before they collided with a thick, huge tree trunk.


A few dull sounds echoed as Li Xue’er, Bai Ruo Qi and Imperial Tutor banged against the tree in succession. Their heads were bleeding from the impact and as they spotted spinning stars, all of them fainted on the spot!

As for their clothes, it had been tattered from the rough ground as they rolled past earlier and all of them were half naked. In the process of the rolling action, several bones had been broken!

As they were all practitioners, although heavily injured, none of them died.

However for the guards which they had brought along, around half of them had died instantly under just one strike from Zuo Fangping!

As Zuo Fangping pressed against the dull pain on his chest, his lips let out a chilly smile.

“You dare to obstruct my way, death is what you deserve! That wretched lass deserves to die even more! How dare you hurt me! When you fall into my hands, I won’t let you die that easily! Just you wait!”

Zuo Fangping’s sinister laughter could be heard.

Li Xue’er had just regained conscious and was trembling with fright, afraid that she would incur Zuo Fangping’s wrath.

However, Zuo Fangping couldn’t be bothered with them. In his eyes, they were so insignificant that their life or death didn’t matter to him. What mattered the most was that he must quickly complete Murong Fei’s orders and kill that resourceful country bumpkin!

On both sides of the pathway was a dense forest.

At this moment, Huang Yueli had already charged into the forest and still increasing her speed forward into the deep ends of the forest.

Zuo Fangping secretly hurled out a sentence “That’s bad”!

If this wretched lass were to run into the forest, then the variables would change. After all, there were many obstacles in the forest and were advantageous for hiding oneself.

Although he was mighty and would still be able to capture Huang Yueli, but in this way, he would have to put in more effort than before!

Zuo Fangping immediately decided and bearing the internal injury within his chest area, he sped up and started chasing after Huang Yueli!

Escape! Escape! Escape!

The only thought that was in Huang Yueli’s mind was to escape and quickly run away!

Using the collision between Zuo Fangping and Li Xue’er and the rest, she practically used all her energy and ran madly, gaining several thousand meters of distance between them in that instance!

But she was very sure of the disparity in cultivation between Zuo Fangping and herself so no matter how fast she ran or how many obstacles she created, it might end up in a waste of effort.

However, she had no other choice. The only thing she could do now was to take one step at a time.

After she had hidden herself in the forest, the leeway for her resistance would become much bigger as hiding spots were now easier to spot and she could make better use of the Profound Armaments in her possession.

Hearing the screeching and cursing sound from behind, Huang Yueli increased her footsteps.

However, the minute Huang Yueli entered the forest, her eyes suddenly turned dark!

As thought night had fallen in that instant, she was not able to anything suddenly. The tall trees and all of the surrounding seemed to have disappeared.

Besides that, the raucous noises from the surroundings have all disappeared as well and became exceptionally quiet, so quiet that. it stirred up a sense of uneasiness in one’s heart.

The next moment, numerous white ghostly figures sprouted up from the darkness. A strange smile hung around their ghastly and deadly white faces, floating towards her!