Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 629

Chapter 629 Unable To Obstruct Her Way

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The sound of a breeze could be heard by the ear and moaning which could be seemingly heard at times could send chills right down the listener’s spine.

As the change of events was too sudden and the scenario was extremely shocking, if it had happened to any ordinary person, his spirit would probably have left his body out of shock. Even if one could maintain composure, but one would probably still be stumped by the sudden change of events.

However, Huang Yueli maintained her calm and collected expression, not even showing any sign of distress.

At the instance that darkness fell, she had already distinguished that it was not reality that was happening right before her eyes, and was likely to be some sort of hallucination.

The aim of extending this hallucination was naturally to confuse her and ultimately delaying her escape.

Hence, Huang Yueli didn’t slow down and continued to head on forward, charging straight towards those horrifying spirits.

Just at the moment where her body was about to collide with the spirits, Huang Yueli’s wrist moved and took out a long piece of soft whip.


That tone was clear and melodious, as though orioles leaving the valley, she drew a lining in the vast horizon.

Following her voice, the soft whip thrashed across the front of the spirit!

A shrilling shriek was heard as the spirit which was whipped split into two halves. Following that, it seemed to melt and slowly dissipated into the sky.

Whip after whip, the spirits in front of her were gradually being smashed to pieces.

Just slightly after a few breathes’ time, those spirits which had obstructed her way were all eliminated and the sky slowly turned brighter and brighter, gradually restoring a sunny mid-afternoon weather.

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards slightly and increasing her speed, she slipped into the forest at top speed.

Zuo Fangping held his chest tight and felt another mouthful of blood surge upwards. This round, he couldn’t bear it any further and spurted out a mouthful of blood!

The expression on his face was a cross between anger and embarrassment!

“Damnit, how is this possible? Why was that wretched lass able to break my Thousand Demons Illusionary Field? Although my cultivation is not enough, but I had managed to train successfully the Thousand Demons Illusionary Field to a small realm. Even a sixth degree realm expert would normally fall head first into this technique of mine. Her cultivation is only at second degree realm so how could she escape unscathed?”

It was simply abnormal that this lass was so weird to the extreme as though her existence was here to put other people down!

The Thousand Demons Illusionary Field was a type of heaven level lower grade Profound Skill and its might was extremely powerful. It was a skill which could only be practiced by Dark attributed physique practitioners. Using the adjustment of their dark Profound Energy, they were able to produce a terrifying illusionary scenario to confuse their opponent if the cultivational disparity was too huge, they would be able to strip their opponent’s compos mentis, thereby turning them into their plaything.

Logically speaking, the higher one’s cultivation was, the stronger one’s willpower would be, and the higher the chances of defending against the illusionary scenes of the Thousand Demons Illusionary Field.

For a second degree realm practitioner like Huang Yueli, it was already an amazing feat that she was not stunned into a vegetable after encountering into this scenario.

Once the Thousand Demons Illusionary Field was utilised, it would require a lot of Profound Energy and it was exactly because of this reason why Zuo Fangping did not dare to use it too often.

The only reason why he used this skill was because he was angered by Huang Yueli and he had prepared to torment her thoroughly after he had controlled her consciousness.

Even if it did not work, he would be able to obstruct her way into the forest.

However, from the way things had turned out, Zuo Fangping felt a sense of shock once again!

Not only did Huang Yueli not fall into his trap to be confused and become a retard but on the contrary, her speed of escaping had not decreased any bit.