Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 630

Chapter 630 Fooled Till Face Ashened

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Before Zuo Fangping could feel stunned, he had already saw Huang Yueli pulling out her soft whip and smashing fiercely outwards himself!

If it had been others, they might perceive Huang Yueli as being pressed to the state of insanity and could only raise her whip in an disorderly manner towards those spirits. But to the originator of the evil Thousand Demons Illusionary Field skill, Zuo Fangping could tell from one glance that every single whip that Huang Yueli made was coincidentally on the weakest point of this skill!

Although her Profound Energy was not considered strong, but the accuracy of her attacks had reached a hundred percent.

The weakest point of the Thousand Demons Illusionary Field was being broken by her one after another and finally, it had completely vanished!

As for Zuo Fangping, as his skill had been broken, he had once again suffered another backlash!

In this short quarter of an hour, Zuo Fangping had struck out consecutively and even utilised one of the skills which he was most complacent about.

However, the result was although Huang Yueli was put into a slightly difficult situation, but she had not even lost a strand of hair. Whereas for him, he had been fooled till ashen-faced and had sustained quite a substantial internal injury out of nowhere!

Zuo Fangping was both furious and anxious, and could not wait to tear Huang Yueli into pieces!

As a fifth degree realm practitioner, he was also one of the proud figures from a large Sect. Would it even make sense if he could not even take down a second degree realm country lass?

More importantly, his mission this time was because of Murong Fei’s entrustment.

He waited for so long before he finally had a chance to fawn on the goddess of his dreams and if it was fouled up with neither rhyme or reason, then wouldn’t he become a complete piece of trash in Murong Ni’s eyes?

This was a matter of a man’s pride!

The more Zuo Fangping thought, the more anger he felt as he continued chasing after her, flustered and exasperated!

But as he had been obstructed by Huang Yueli several times and due to the backlash that caused a couple of breaths’ time, that was more than enough time for Huang Yueli to escape into the forest.

By the time Zuo Fangping had entered the forest, Huang Yueli’s figure could no longer be found.

Zuo Fangping sought high and low, but the surrounding shrubs were around a human’s height tall and were extremely dense. Looking from afar, one could only see the hovering shades from the trees and not be able to tell clearly if someone was amongst them.

As he walked into the forest, he shouted loudly, “Bai Ruoli, get your ass out here now! Don’t think that you’ve hidden yourself and I won’t be able to find you! I only need to use my soul trace and slowly search every inch of the forest and sooner or later, I’ll be able to whisk you out! If you are to come out by yourself now, I can still let you die a quick death. Otherwise by the time I find you, you will be in deep shit!”

Zuo Fangping threatened her but Huang Yueli was no fool, so of course she wouldn’t believe in his bullshit.

The only reply he got was the breeze gently rustling the leaves.

Zuo Fangping squinted his eyes slightly as a sense of urgency shot up in his heart.

That wretched lass could she had really slipped away?

No, it was impossible. She had just ran into this forest and it was just ten over breaths time earlier than him. No matter how far she ran, there was no way she could escape a huge distance away. At most she would still be in the vicinity of around two kilometres.

What’s more, this should be the first time that wretched lass had passed by this place and this was not South Yue Kingdom so she couldn’t have set up any hidden traps in the forest, so she couldn’t possibly have disappeared into thin air!

Thinking of that, Zuo Fangping set his heart at least and started to gather his Qi and with rapt attention, used his soul trace to search the surrounding environment.

Innate talents for cultivation and concentration levels differs among practitioners and that in turn would affect the boundary of their soul trace.