Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 631

Chapter 631 No Other Choice

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As a fifth degree realm practitioner, Zuo Fangping was at least able to sense the situation around him but in order to conduct a detailed search, he would need to waste a lot of energy and time, which would multiply many times over.

Zuo Fangping had originally intended to use the scare tactic to save some energy but Huang Yueli didn’t fall for it so he could only do the search slowly.

But he believed that he would be able to whisk that lass out sooner or later!

At this very moment, Huang Yueli was hiding behind a huge tree trunk.

Her back leaned against the trunk and without a single movement, her eyes were shut and her breathing seemed to come to a halt as her body started to turn icy cold, as though. she was gradually losing signs of life.

In reality, the scenario that Zuo Fangping thought was actually correct.

Huang Yueli knew clearly that if things were to go on like this, she would eventually be caught.

Moreover, she cannot run. Because if she did, Zuo Fangping would be able to location her position immediately and as long as the direction was correct, in terms of speed, she would definitely not be able to outrun him.

That was why Huang Yueli only chose to conceal herself so that Zuo Fangping had no way to seek her.

But this was equally difficult as the soul trace of a fifth degree realm practitioner was very powerful. Unless one’s cultivation level was higher than the opponent, otherwise, there was no way that one would be able to conceal one’s presence under the opponent’s fully powered search.

Just as Huang Yueli was deliberating, suddenly she recalled that she had read a cultivation method in her previous life.

This cultivation method was found during an expedition at an Ancient Mystic Region in her previous life, also known as .

Practitioners who practiced this are able to adjust the direction of the Profound Energy in their body to simulate a fake death scenario. Under any situation, if one was able to conceal their presence, then the enemy would never be able to locate them.

This cultivation method was extremely function and the results were shocking. If one could practice it to the highest level, even if it was a first degree realm practitioner, they would be able to successfully conceal their presence under the eyelids of ninth degree realm experts.

However, in order to successfully practice the , one would need at least a fifth grade talent in Earth attribute. In her previous life, Huang Yueli had not been equipped with this talent hence after she obtained the cultivation scroll for the , she had never once practiced it.

However, she was different in this current life.As a complete attribute ninth grade genius, Huang Yueli felt that she should be able to acquire this cultivation method.

The only fraudulent situation at hand was that she had never practiced this cultivation method before so she had no prior experience. Now that she had to clasp Buddha’s feet when danger arose, would it even be possible to learn this skill successfully within a couple of breaths’ time?

If this was told to others, they would surely laugh their heads off!

Such lunatic ravings weren’t even heard of! What a retard!

But since things have come to such a stand, she had no other choice, so even if it was a dead horse. she would have to treat it like a living horse to treat!

Huang Yueli made a prompt decision and searched her memories for that.

Luckily her memory had always been ridiculously strong and even after so many years, she would be able to recall every single cultivation method that she had read through.

She hastily forced herself to calm down and ignore the changes that were happening on the external world, blocking out Zuo Fangping’s blustering.

The only thing she cared about now was the cultivation method!

In a blink of an eye, she had already entered the mode of cultivation, silently absorbing earth attributes elements from the surroundings. Her Profound Energy flowed into her limbs and skeleton according to the guidelines from .

Even she had not expected that things would be so successful.

She didn’t seem to expend much effort while practicing this cultivation method.