Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 634

Chapter 634 Have A Nightmare Tonight?

Immediately following that, Zuo Fangping’s voice could be heard again.

“Shut up, stupid girl. If you continue crying, I’ll stab you to death!”

“NOO~~~, Don’t kill me, don’t kill me!” Bai Ruo Qi kept begging for mercy as she sat paralyzed on the ground, holding tightly onto Zuo Fangping’s thigh as she begged, “I won’t cry, won’t cry, Sir whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it. Please don’t kill me!”

Zuo Fangping kicked her aside, “Scram further aside! Let me ask you, that Bai Ruoli, is she your cousin? Related by blood?”

Bai Ruo Qi knew this was a exponent who would claim her life just by a raise of his hand and shivered with fright. Not daring to hide anything, she hurriedly answered once Zuo Fangping raised his question.

“Ri.Right, it’s exactly as you said. Bai Ruoli’s father is my father’s blood brother! It’s absolutely true! But But since I was young..”

Bai Ruo Qi wanted to mentioned that since young, she had been on loggerheads with this third cousin and both of them were not on the same path, so rather than saying that they were relatives, it would be more apt to say that they are enemies and had completely shed all pretence of cordiality.

So when Zuo Fangping wanted to create trouble for Huang Yueli, it really wouldn’t implicate her because she held the same wishes that Huang Yueli would quickly die!

However, Zuo Fangping had no patience to listen to her and after he had gotten the answers he wanted, he dragged Bai Ruo Qi aside.

“Enough, I know already!”

Bai Ruo Qi wished to speak but did not do so on second thought after she caught Zuo Fangping’s murderous stare, not daring to open her mouth at all.

Zup Fangping dragged Bai Ruo Qi into the forest and shouted loudly towards the inner part, “Bai Ruoli, come out now! If you don’t, I will kill your cousin! Moreover, I will also cut off her fingers individually and let you hear her painful, anguished wailing! You better consider carefully!”

Bai Ruo Qi was terrified till she almost fainted!

It was obviously that little slut who lured the enemy, so even if she died, she deserved it. Why. Why did it implicate her?

The forest was still in a state of silence.

Zuo Fangping frowned and reiterated again, “Bai Ruoli, have you considered clearly? This is your blood related cousin, considered to be your blood skin! Are you going to let her, in your face, be tortured alive until she dies? Can you get past your conscience? Don’t tell me you will not be pricked by your conscience and have a nightmare tonight?”

There was still no movements in the forest.

Zuo Fangping was afraid that Huang Yueli could not hear him hence he repeated himself once again.

However, not only did Huang Yueli heard it, but when she heard, she found it especially amusing.

This Zuo Fangping was here to harm her or to help her?

If he really slowly tortured Bai Ruo Qi to death slowly, not only will Huang Yueli not feel sorrowful, instead she will feel ecstatic!

Trying to use such a scheme to force her to show herself? It would only have the opposite effect, okay?

As for Bai Ruo Qi, please feel free to slowly torture her and don’t stand on ceremony!

After you’re done with the torture, please scram as soon as possible!

Zuo Fangping didn’t get any response and his eyebrows creased as he secretly felt a shock in his heart!

This lass, although she was very young, but her psychological quality was pretty good.

He had already dragged her cousin here and yet there was no activity from her at all!

Actually, Zuo Fangping had not expected Huang Yueli to listen to his threats and just run out in stupor.

But when most people had their blood relatives captured, they would not be completely silent.