Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 636

Chapter 636 Authenticate The Truth

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Bai Ruo Qi let out a shrilling shriek as her little finger on her left hand was cut off. Filled with blood stains, she fell onto the grass.

Pain filled her entire face as it contorted with pain, wishing that she could start rolling around on the grass patch.

However, Zuo Fangping gripped her hand tightly so no matter how Bai Ruo Qi struggled, she couldn’t get away from him. Beads of perspiration which had formed on her forehead started to slide down from her face.

She had never suffered such pain in her lifetime and yet, now a part of her body was cut off from her while she was still alive!

Furthermore, this mysterious exponent was extremely fast and ruthless without any hesitation, he was simply simply too scary!

Zuo Fangping couldn’t be bothered to even cast her a glance but simply continued shouting towards the direction of the forest, “Bai Ruoli, did you hear that? Your cousin’s one finger is gone! Tsk Tsk, such a beautiful hand and it’s not broken, such a waste even I also feel some sympathy..”

His tone was deep and low as he laughed chillingly.

Huang Yueli had heard it but she didn’t show any expression, just laughing inside her heart.

What she liked most was this kind of self-professed genius, right? This was known as dog bite dog double-crossing each other and all these were what they were willing to do wasn’t that just too amusing?

Zuo Fangping didn’t get the response that he had expected and his expression instantly grew gloomier by the second.

He raised his long sword and under the terrified face of the shocked Bai Ruo Qi, he struck down hard again!


Bai Ruo Qi gave another shrilling shriek, incomparably mournful, shocking a little birds which had perched on the tree branches started to fly away in all directions.

However, Huang Yueli still did not gave any response.

Zuo Fangping turned around and yelled again, Bai Ruoli, this is already the second finger. If you still don’t come out, all of your sister’s ten fingers will be gone! In future. I’m afraid she will have to use her leg to have her meals!”

Use her leg to have her meals!

Just thinking about this scenario almost made Bai Ruo Qi faint.

However, Zuo Fangping continued to grip her hand tightly. That continuously rising pain was just too distinct, so much that she could not even faint if she wanted to!

The forest was still in a state of inactivity.

Zuo Fangping’s shut his eyelids as his face was downcast, his lips pursed tightly not making any sound.

Bai Ruo Qi was so frightened that her heart almost stopped, as though days were like years.

Zuo Fangping had already said his sharpest words but he hadn’t taken any action. This period of waiting was in fact the most torturous to anyone’s mind because the horrifying scenario that she had imagine could happen at the next moment whereas she. was totally unable to handle it!

Just thinking about it was able to make her die from fright!

Zuo Fangping went into deep thoughts for a moment and suddenly let go of Bai Ruo Qi’s hand.

Bai Ruo Qi could not react in time as her hand still maintained the same position on the ground, not knowing if she should retract it.

She dumbfoundedly stared at Zuo Fangping, “Sir.. plplease spare my life..”

Zuo Fangping replied icily, “Bai Ruoli really doesn’t give a hoot about you, looks like what you said earlier was the truth.”

“Yes, yes it’s the truth, whatever I had said are all the truth!”

It was until this moment that Bai Ruo Qi finally realised that Zuo Fangping had been so heavy-handed just because he was authenticating if she and Bai Ruoli were really enemies!

Bai Ruo Qi had never expected that this top exponent in front of her would be so sinister!

In order to authenticate the truth, he took two of her fingers away!

Bai Ruo Qi felt indignant and uncomfortable, but she did not dare to grumble even a single word!