Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Whereabouts Exposed

Once her whereabouts were exposed, even if Huang Yueli wanted to escape, it would become something unrealistic.

Run, her speed was not enough. Hide, she had already been exposed. And if she were to fight, she was definitely not Zuo Fangping’s match!

No matter how highly intelligent Huang Yueli was, at this moment, she could not think of any way to escape.

It just took several moments before the Blood Smelt Talisman floated to a distance no further than ten meters near Huang Yueli and suddenly it stopped.

Huang Yueli knew she could not hesitate any further. It was unavoidable to be exposed and what she could do, or only do was the last struggle before death. No matter what, she could not let the opponent capture her easily!

She suddenly stretched out her hand and in return, started sucking all the profound energy frantically.

Profound Energy was being absorbed back into her body and that Blood Smelt Talisman was also sucked over.

Her fingers pinched the talisman and trembling slightly, she tore the talisman to pieces!

The blood floating in the middle of the air had yet to disperse as it turned into a puddle of blood and totally absorbed into her body!

Following her action, Zuo Fangping let out a “Oof” moan!

The talisman technique that he used to control the talisman was broken by Huang Yueli and almost instantly, he suffered yet another backlash. The internal injury within his body took another serious turn!

After Huang Yueli absorbed the bloody mist, she felt a scorching warm sensation scourging through every single one of her meridians and as a divine light appeared in front of her, in that instant, her cultivation was raised to third degree Spirit Profound Realm instantly!

However, Huang Yueli knew clearly that this was just a temporary condition. It was because of the blood from the same lineage had been absorbed into her body and temporary spiked the potential within her.

As her elder cousin, Bai Ruo Qi was at least of some use to her.

However, since this condition only temporarily raised her battle power and not a real advancement, so it would not last for too long.

Huang Yueli was unable to continue hiding and gradually her silhouette showed up in the mist.

Zuo Fangping was just suffering a backlash at the moment that she had appeared.

She jinked and use her most powerful Profound Skill, with both hand outstretched, True Phoenix Fire and Amethyst Thunder Flame lit from her palms at the same time and detonated in the wind!

The two types of flames intersected each other and let out an acute exploding sound, thunder and fire occurred simultaneously, causing everything within two kilometres of the forest surroundings to completely explode into level ground!

Even Zuo Fangping had not expected this and was caught in the explosion!

At the same time, Huang Yueli did not dare to hide her inadequacy by remaining silent. Instead, she gave all she had got and took out all her attack series Profound Armaments. Even Little Phoenix and little vulture were released, aiding her in attacking Zuo Fangping!

Initially, Zuo Fangping was set backed but very quickly he reacted and instantly counter-attacked.

“Wretched lass, where did you learn such Profound Skills from, your power isn’t too bad at all! However, you’re just a second degree realm practitioner, so even if the heaven level upper quality Profound Skill falls into your hands, don’t even think about being able to bring into play a high percentage of power. And don’t even think that you can defeat me!”

Although he cut a sorry figure and had sustained several wounds, but when Huang Yueli noticed that his four limbs were still complete as he rushed out from the blazes, her heart had already turned cold.

The distance between second degree realm and fifth degree realm was still too huge!

Even if she had used all her might in that one strike and had already reached the outstanding power of a fourth degree realm peak, in the eyes of any powerhouse, she was still an unimaginable peerless genius.

Alas, it was still not enough!

Was she really going to fall head first this time?

She finally had a chance to reincarnate into this lifetime, so the things that she wanted to do had not yet been completed. She had not even managed to see Mu Chengying. and she was going to die in such a manner in the hands of a sinister villain?