Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Who Won?

The glow in the forest grew larger as sounds of an intense battle fell incessantly on the ear.

Imperial Tutor and Li Xue’er had awoken from their concussion and were struggling to get up. They hid a distance away but did not dare to run too far off.

Bai Ruo Qi had been taken away by that grim hit man and although they all saw this, but they didn’t dare to stop him.

The reason was because even if they stopped him, it would be useless as that man was just too strong. In front of Zuo Fangping, they only had that little bit of power which just wasn’t enough, so if they were to confront him, it would only be sending themselves to their own deaths.

In the face of danger, Imperial Tutor and Li Xue’er had agreed by chance and choose to out their own safety before principles.

Both of them kept their eyes shut, pretending to still be in comatose thereby allowing Bai Ruo Qi to be taken away.

Following that, Bai Ruo Qi’s blood curdling screech came reverberating from the forest. They were absolutely horrified by her screams and in their hearts, a sense of guilt arose.

They wondered what did that cruel expert did to Bai Ruo Qi?

This. if she were to die, what should they do?

Because of this, they didn’t walk to far away but had hidden themselves and gazed afar, thinking that if Bai Ruo Qi had died, they could retrieve her body when the killer had left. At least they would be able to give an answer to the people at the Valiant Martial Manor..

Yet, after the waves of screeches, the forest returned to its usual tranquillity.

Just at both of them exchanged strange glances, suddenly sounds of battle started to fill the forest.

Furthermore, from the occasional reproving noised that the young lady made, the person whom Zuo Fangping crossed hands with seemed to be Huang Yueli!

The two of them heard a loud explosion and saw smoke sprouting from the forest as it filled the entire sky with red flames. They exchanged glances involuntarily and from each other’s eyes, they could spot an incomparable shocking expression!

“Th. That couldn’t be. Bai Ruoli fighting with that expert right? No Surely it can’t be?”

“I also feel that it’s impossible, she’s just in second degree realm! But besides her, who else is there in this forest?”

“But, it’s not possible, how can this be possible? With that little bit of cultivation, how can she possibly cross hands with a fifth degree realm practitioner? Surely if he unleashed a little bit of Profound Energy, he should be able to shock her to death right?”

“Yes, thi this is just too abnormal!”

The more both of them thought, the more weirder it became and the more terrified they got.

Especially when they recalled the provocations that they had thrown onto Huang Yueli during the entire journey, there was always a lingering fear in their hearts. Luckily they didn’t really got into a brawl, otherwise perhaps even Imperial Tutor was not her match!

After a while longer, the battle sounds in the forest started to die down.

Li Xue’er stared blankly at the direction of the forest and spoke out, “Th This is the end? Who won?”

Imperial Tutor’s brows creased as he retorted, “Do you even need to ask? The killer must have won! No matter how powerful Bai Ruoli is, can she possibly win a fifth degree realm expert?”


This round, Imperial Tutor’s guess wasn’t wrong.

The disparity between fifth degree realm and second degree realm was simply too large.

Even though Huang Yueli had integrated Bai Ruo Qi’s blood essence and temporarily broken through to third degree realm, and the Profound Skills and cultivation methods came out one after another, but her Profound Energy was not as much as Zuo Fangping.

Even though both of them were unable to gain an upper hand and had tussled for quite a while, but not long after, Huang Yueli could feel the Profound Energy in her body was like river water flowing out from the gates, gushing out rapidly to a loss.

It didn’t take much time before she felt her physical strength was unable to hold on much longer as she fell into a disadvantageous position.