Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Fallen Into The Enemys Hands

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As time passed, Huang Yueli’s Profound Energy was finally exhausted completely.

She had no other choice but to jump out and raising both her hands, she said, “Alright, alright, I surrender! I’ve admitted defeat, okay?”

When Zuo Fangping heard her admitting her defeat, the chilly smile hanging on his lips became even more obvious.

“Wretched lass, now do you know how powerful I am? Why didn’t you surrender earlier? Or beg for mercy? Now you’re showing this tricks, don’t tell me you’re trying to delay for more time? But no matter how you try to delay, no one will come and save you. Today, you’re a goner!”

Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched as she thought to herself that this killer had some brains instead of all brawn, and could tell what her motive was.

She had automatically begged for mercy, not because she was nave and thought that he would let her off because she begged.

She just didn’t want to be struck dead in the intense battle upon one strike or her meridians severed. If that was the case, then there would be no way of going back.

There wasn’t any life threatening injury on her now, so no matter what, while there’s life, there’s hope. Perhaps she would be able to socialise around with Zuo Fangping and dupe him!

However, Zuo Fangping was no fool as he saw through her scheme.

He gave a cold laugh, “If you had not tried to escape from the start, perhaps I can let you have a quick death and not suffer. But you had tried time and again to cause hurt to me, and you even made me lose such a priceless Blood Smelt Talisman, these. cannot be forgotten easily! If I don’t torment you till you’re half dead, my surname is not..”

Zuo Fangping almost spoke out his revered name and luckily he reacted at the last moment and immediately shut his mouth.

Huang Yueli originally pricked her ears to listen but upon seeing him stop, a sense of disappointment came over her.

Zuo Fangping was filled with embitterment and gloominess. His task today had not been smooth at all, even considered to be a total mess!

He had actually suffered such a heavy injury while chasing after a second degree realm practitioner! This was simply unimaginable.

What was worse was the Sect’s derby was about to start and he was initially prepared to show off his skills at the derby but now that he had suffered an internal injury, by then he probably would had yet to recover from it!

This was simply ruining his own future!

Not to mention, the Blood Smelt Talisman that he had wasted was ridiculously expensive.

He had counted all of these debts onto Huang Yueli’s headcount and had decided to torture her viciously, making her wish that she was better off dead than alive!

However, even though Zuo Fangping was despondent, Huang Yueli was in fact even more despondent than him.

It was because the Blood Smelt Talisman that Zuo Fangping had used to determine her whereabouts was actually refined by her in her past life!

In actuality, the number of Blood Smelt Talisman in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent were actually refined by Huang Yueli twenty over years ago.

Because of this, no one was clearer than her on the structure and usage of these talisman. This was why she was able to break the blood patterns on the talisman in a blink of an eye and also successfully absorb the blood essence and energy from the talisman.

This type of talisman was invented solely by her and there was none other in Soaring Heavens Continent.

That year, Mu Chengying was seeking to kill an enemy who excelled at concealment which was why she helped him to refine this. She refined thirty pieces at one go, Mu Chengying took only ten pieces and the remaining twenty pieces, either she sold it off at an auction or she gifted it to friends to return a favour.

Never would she had thought that the Blood Smelt Talisman that she had casually refined years ago would now appear right before her again in such a manner.