Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Li Moyings Foe

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Besides that, because of the fact that she had refined it way too successfully, the might of these talisman were very high and to eradicate the concealment mode was extremely strong, which resulted in her falling head first into this talisman!

This was simply a hole which she had dug for herself!

Huang Yueli had unspeakable embitterment and gloominess, wishing that she could knock herself dead on the tree trunk.

Zuo Fangping saw her unpredictable expression and had thought that she was afraid which made him feel delightful.

“Why? Now you know what is to be afraid? If you were to crouch on the ground and use your tongue to lick my shoes, I can..”

He opened his mouth with elation but before he could finish talking, Huang Yueli interrupted his speech.

“Since I’m going to die soon, can’t you let me be an unequivocal ghost? Who wants me dead?”

Zuo Fangping was shocked as he had never expected her to ask this question. But following that, he showed a smile of ridicule.

“Why? You want to know who wants you dead? Too bad, I’m never going to tell you. You’ve offended someone whom you shouldn’t even had the chance to offend! After you die, think carefully when you’ve gone down to Hades!”

Huang Yueli twitched her lips and said, “Even if you don’t tell, I also know. You’re Li Moying’s foe?”

When Zuo Fangping heard Li Moying’s name, his eyes turned wide and the expression on his face turned even more malevolent.

Li Moying was a name that he really didn’t want to hear because in his inner heart, he was the man who he was most jealous and had the most hatred for!

Because such a peerless talent like Li Moying could not be compared to any other talents at all.

Before Li Moying had joined the Sect, Zuo Fangping was also one of the many talents in the Sect and had obtained the Sect Master and elders all-out grooming.

But all these changed the minute Li Moying came to the Sect.

In front of that matchless and peerless genius, all others had completely became a prop. No, perhaps it could be said that they were not even fit to be considered as a prop because the disparity was simply too large!

Not only that, the thing that made Zuo Fangping most jealous was even the goddess in his heart, Murong Fei, only liked him!

If you were to ask who Zuo Fangping hated the most in his entire life, it would absolutely be Li Moying.

However, he didn’t dare to show this in the Sect, otherwise Li Moying could just crush him to death using just one finger.

Zuo Fangping gritted his teeth as he hissed, “How do you know Li Moying??”

When Murong Fei had asked him to come and kill her, she only mentioned that Huang Yueli had offended her sister Murong Ni and on a short note, ever mentioned Li Moying’s name.

After all Murong Fei was extremely intelligent.

She had asked Zuo Fanging to come and kill his rival in love’s fiance. If Zuo Fangping were to find out the truth, perhaps he might not be willing to come.

After all, if Li Moying was married, Zuo Fangping would have more chances to get into her heart.

So the surprised look on his face was not faked at all.

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrow as she observed the expression on his face.

When he heard Li Moying’s name, the man in front had indeed expressed a vengeance glare. It looked like both of them had some enmity but he didn’t seemed to know her relationship with Li Moying?

That was weird. If it wasn’t because of Li Moying, why would a fifth degree realm practitioner sought her out and without a word, tried to kill her?

In this lifetime, she seemed to not have provoked such a powerful enemy yet?

Thinking of this, she suddenly got an idea and thought of the other possibility.

“Could it be that. you’re sent here by Murong Ni?”