Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 643

Chapter 643 From The Same Sect

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When Murong Ni’s name was mentioned, Zuo Fangping gave a snigger.

“So, you actually know what bad deeds you had done!”

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrow as she inquired, “What do you mean by that? Murong Ni. What did she say about me?”

“She..” Zuo Fangping wanted to continue but he suddenly remembered Murong Fei’s instructions that this matter shouldn’t be brought up.

He forcefully swallowed back his words.

“Wretched lass, what are you trying to find out by chirping non-stop? I will never tell you who is the one who wants you dead! You can throw whatever schemes you have in your head away and lick my shoes obediently!”

Zuo Fangping’s face turned more and more sinister as he tried to make a grab for her.

Huang Yueli shifted her position in an attempt to avoid him but as the distance between them were very near to each other and her Profound Energy had been completely depleted, there was no way she could hide from him and eventually she was caught in the neck by Zuo Fangping.

“Little slut, didn’t you want to escape? How about now?” Zuo Fangping hissed through his clenched teeth.

Although Huang Yueli’s life was already in the hands of others, but she didn’t express much panic on her face. On the contrary, she calmly asked, “Actually, you’re from Li Moying’s Sect right?”

Zuo Fangping’s hand trembled as his entire body jolted!

He had never ever thought that Huang Yueli was able to tell where he had originated from and.. so accurately without any error!

Impossible, this was impossible! How could she tell where his origins were?

He had not leaked out his identity from the start till now, and even if he almost divulged some information, but that was only to state that Li Moying and him were acquainted.

However, Li Moying was a peerless talent known by all in the South Sky Region so even if he was acquainted to him, it wasn’t anything strange and it was not enough to prove that they were from the same Sect.

So. this lass should be.. making a wild guess?

Right, that must be it. He absolutely cannot fall into disarray!

Zuo Fangping squinted his eyes as he hid the puzzlement on his face and said sternly, “You’re going to be dead person soon, so why bother to make wild guesses? Did you think that by making pointless delay in time, you will be able to be acquitted of death?”

However, Huang Yueli didn’t seem to hear what he said and continued deducing.

“I have sufficient proof to say such a thing. Firstly, there are not many experts among thepeople who I know. So to have the ability to find such an expert like you to assassinate me, either you’re Li Moying’s enemy or it would be Murong Ni that unruly Young Miss. Besides that, when you heard their names earlier, your response was rather intense, so it’s obvious that you know them.”

“Secondly, for a fifth degree realm expert like you to assassinate such a lowly character like me, you actually wore a human skin mask before you took action. As the saying goes, a guilty person conspicuously protests his innocence. Doesn’t this mean that you’re afraid of me or other people here that will recall your real looks? You don’t dare to reveal your own face, so who are you afraid of? Who would have such power and ability to exact revenge on you? The only person around me can only be Li Moying.”

Zuo Fangping’s heart thumped hard and he was unable to control his emotions momentarily, almost jumping up in fright!

How could this wretched lass tell that he was wearing a human skin mask?

The mask on his face was a third tier upper level Profound Armament, and had been imitated to perfection. One just needed to inject a little bit of Profound Energy and it would merge with one’s skin perfectly, unable to tell the difference!

How could this country lass tell?

By right, a country bumpkin like her should not have even heard of such a thing like a human skin mask?