Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Grow Up Quickly Defend My Master

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Junior Sister Murong? Was he referring to Murong Ni?

Something seemed to flash past Huang Yueli’s mind when she heard what he said, but she didn’t manage to capture that thought.

Zuo Fangping apparently didn’t believe in what she said and had completed lost his patience as he controlled her meridians.

Huang Yueli could not move a single bit and as entire body turned feeble, she fell on her back onto the ground.

“Damn it!” Huang Yueli cursed in her mind.

This Zuo Fangping really wasn’t a gentleman, he actually treated such a delicate young lady in such a vicious manner.

And why was it that every single time she told someone that she was Li Moying’s fiance, no one actually believed her??

This stinky man, although. He was wee bit handsome, his power was a bit, bit, bit more powerful and his status was much, much, much, much higher, but. BUT! Surely she, Huang Yueli wasn’t that bad right?

Even though this marriage agreement was a makeshift stratagem, but was there a need for other people to mock at her. This really made her feel emotionally stuffed..

As Huang Yueli fell, her gaze shot to the behind of Zuo Fangping as she blinked her eye.

On a huge tree not too far away from Zuo Fangping was a little golden, red bird sapling hiding among the dense leaves. It was anxiously looking towards this direction as its two little claws couldn’t help but keep fidgeting around, feeling especially unsettled.

If it hadn’t been for Huang Yueli who kept comforting it with her gazes, he wouldn’t be able to bear it any longer and flew over here.

On seeing Huang Yueli’s last glance, it turned more anxious than ever.

As Huang Yueli’s contractual spiritual pet, Little Phoenix and her could be said that their minds and hearts were interconnected.

Little Phoenix was very clear that what Zuo Fangping had told Huang Yueli earlier including the guesses and analysis of his identity was actually not to delay the time or to anger the other party, but. was for it to hear!

After Zuo Fangping had defeated Huang Yueli, he had also injured Little Phoenix and little vulture but had not bothered about them since.

Since Little Phoenix was an ancient spiritual beast, he had recovered around thirty to forty percent of his strength. Although his power was just that much, but at least its movements were not hindered anymore.

So Huang Yueli had commanded it not to come too close, and using this method, she spoke out all her guesses so that Little Phoenix would know about it and. deliver a message to try and inform Li Moying about this news.

If she was really killed, then at least Li Moying would be able to exact revenge for her!

Huang Yueli had wanted to extract more inside stories from Zuo Fangping but not knowing why, the term fiance seemed to agitate his senses as he completely lost his patience and stuck immediately!

If she died, Little Phoenix would not be able to show his physical body outside of the Sky Phoenix Ring and would be instantly retracted back into it, to wait for the next Master to awaken it.

Because of that, Huang Yueli had felt that her life was coming to an end and used a glance to hint Little Phoenix for him to go quickly!

Even if she had to die, it had to spread the news out to Cai Wei and the rest who were still alive outside the forest, before she died!

But Little Phoenix repeatedly hopped around on the tree, refusing to leave.

Two watery eyes were tearing as its heart was filled with reluctance.

It hadn’t been busy to get out of the Sky Phoenix Ring and he had even found a Master who could cook tasty chicken drumsticks so he didn’t want her to die like this!

Why was he only a young sapling phoenix? If he had been a powerful and mighty big phoenix like its brother, would the outcome turn out differently?

For the very first time, little Wang Cai wished he would grow up quickly and defend its Master!