Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 647

Chapter 647 Seven Character Soul Extinguishment Skill

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Not only that, she could also clearly felt that her soul train had been invaded by the dark attributed Profound Energy, her conscious didn’t seemed to be under control and gradually drifted away from her.

Huang Yueli knew things were taking a bad turn and hurriedly used her last bit of determination and bit hard on the tip of her tongue!

Pain invaded her senses and as the heavy blood stench filled her mouth before Huang Yueli became clear-headed slightly.

Just at this moment, she heard Zuo Fangping’s sinister snigger.

“Ha ha, painful? Unbearable? Do you feel like dying because of the pain? But don’t worry, I won’t let you die and in fact, this is just the beginning! Have you heard of the Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill?”

Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill?

When the name of the cultivation method was transmitted to Huang Yueli’s ears, it let her regain a slight sense of soberness momentarily because this cultivation method was simply too vicious!

Dark attributed cultivation methods excelled in changing the environment, creating hallucinations and affecting one’s conscious and condition. In the middle of a battle, it could often lead the enemy to enter a state of confusion, thereby obtaining victory.

But the Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill was the most outstanding among the dark attributed cultivation methods as the effects were the most sinister type.

As expected, Zuo Fangping continued, “I think a country lass like you definitely have not heard of this. Then let me tell you more about it! After your brain had been invaded by my dark attributed Profound Energy, you’d become a living corpse with no conscious and you will also possess animal instincts, often lusting for blood and. very wanton.”

“Very soon, you will behave like a dog, climbing on the ground on your four limbs and devouring raw meat like a dog, attacking any living animal the minute you see it! And bite it to death! More importantly, your body will also turn very ****, even if it was a roadside hound, as long as it’s a male, you can also do ‘it’ with it…”

Huang Yueli’s conscious gradually turned fuzzy but Zuo Fangping was still sniggering non-stop, ridiculing and describing all sorts of miserable conditions which she might possibly encounter.

However, she was unable to focus on what he was saying exactly.

She knew the current situation was anything but assuring, because whatever Zuo Fangping had said was not empty threats but. things that would really happen!

In her previous life, she had personally witnessed a practitioner who was struck by the Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill. That person gradually lost his consciousness and became extremely loose and wanton, even worse than a dog.

As that scene was too shocking, until now, she was unable to forget about it.

If she had to turn into that manner. Huang Yueli felt that she would not be able to bear this sort of thing, and she would rather die!

But, this amount of time was simply too short. From the time where Little Phoenix had flown away to the time when she had been injected with the dark attributed Profound Energy, invading her body, it had only been a quarter of an hour. It was not even enough for Little Phoenix to fly too far, not knowing if it was enough for it to locate Cai Wei already.

If only, she could hold on a little while more..

But once she lost her consciousness, she would lose the possibility of self-explosion, and can only turn into a human shaped beast with no conscience..

Forget it, even if no one could exact revenge for her, she would not be able to bear the fact that she would eventually turn into that way!

Huang Yueli grinded her teeth and bit through her tongue once again, and using her last piece of consciousness and her strongest determination, she forced herself to adjust all the Profound Energy in her body to consolidate in her Dantian.

Zuo Fangping had always been by her side and he sensed the unusual movements of her Profound Energy, and immediate reacted to it.

“Wretched lass, you want to self-explode??”