Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 648

Chapter 648 Self Explode Once Again

Zuo Fangping shot forward like an arrow and placed his right hand on the position of her Dantian.

His expression was malevolent as he yelled, “Want to self explode? Do you think that once you’re in my clutches, I’ll let you do that? I said I’d let you go through utter misery, hoping to die but you can’t! With my Profound Energy suppressing you, you have absolutely no way to self explode!”

Zuo Fangping spoke with absolute self confidence.

In actual fact, it was exactly as it was shown. In order to self explode one’s dantian, Huang Yueli must consolidate all the Profound Energy in her body at that one point and at the same time, unleash it out, thereby bursting her dantian.

But Zuo Fangping’s cultivation was higher than her by several big realms. He only needed to use his Profound Energy to his advantage and control the flow of her Profound Energy, so even if Huang Yueli wanted to burst her dantian, it was an impossible task to do!

However, Huang Yueli was laughing coldly in her heart.

She had, after all, a Flame Spirit Physique and had learnt various cultivation methods. Her heaven level cultivation method, Nine Phoenix Transformations utilised an extremely abstruse way of operating the Profound Energy in her body. It was something that a person like Zuo Fangping would not be able to understand.

Hence, if she wanted to self explode, Zuo Fangping would not be able to stop her!

Even if Zuo Fangping had pressed on her dantian and kept exerting pressure on her, but the Profound Energy in Huang Yueli’s body still gradually consolidated together.

In a couple of breath’s time, it would be able to completely congeal.

When it had reach this life and death juncture, Huang Yueli’s heart was filled with regrets.

Or it could be said that she had too many regrets, too many things that she wanted to do but did not have the opportunity to do so.

No matter if it was the previous life’s scheme or this life’s love debt, she had no time to settle it at all.

She finally had the chance to be reborn but she had not expected that her lifespan in this lifetime was merely two months before it came to a sudden halt. And she would die under just a fifth degree realm practitioner dubiously!

Could it be that this was her fate?

Even after reincarnation, she was still a lonely soul, never able to attain what she desired..

She remembered Mu Chengying and. uncontrollably thought of Li Moying.

In her fuzzy conscious, the two men’s looks layered together and initially there was only a thirty to forty percent similarity but now it had completely matched up.

That unexcelled number one expert in her previous life and that overbearing, arrogant peerless genius, both of their figures were unable to be split apart.

Huang Yueli felt that this must be an illusion at her brink of death because both of their figures kept appearing repeatedly and many times, she was unable to tell who was who.

Gradually, even their figures became fuzzy.

Huang Yueli shut her eyes and prepared to stake all in one throw and self explode once again!

But just at the moment when she was about to ignite the Profound Energy, suddenly a voice could be heard from not too far away.

“I say why is the forest so noisy and flames spewing everywhere so looks like someone had struck out against such a dainty young lady..”

Zuo Fangping had never expected anyone to appear at this moment.

Furthermore, he had interrupted him at such a critical juncture.

He suddenly turned back and stared at the figure behind him, “Wh who are you? Why did you come to the forest at this timing? What is your intention??”

Huang Yueli sensed that the pressure and restriction on her dantian had lessened in that instance.

When she heard that man’s voice, she had initially thought it was her hallucination from the pain and pressure, but when Zuo Fangping suddenly stood up, it made her realised that someone had really appeared.