Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 650

Chapter 650 Obviously Making A Fool Out Of Him

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By now, Huang Yueli’s conscious had become very blurry and she had been relying on her willpower to hold on. Her soul trace had always been stronger than ordinary people so she could still barely figure out what was happening in the outer world.

White robed man’s vision fell onto her and he suddenly smiled.

“That’s interesting, this lass is not of marriageable age! Her cultivation is also really bad as well. Why did you drag her to the outskirts and use the Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill on her? Could it be that you wanted to be rough with her but met with resistance so you flew into a rage out of humiliation?”

“This Senior..”

Zuo Fangping was dumbfounded as he had not expected such a powerful person like this white robed man would actually ask this kind of question.

Moreover, most powerful practitioners were cold and aloof, and would barely smile to those weaker practitioners.

Unfortunately, there was no affinity in that white robed man’s smile. On the contrary, it seemed rather evil and a glint of ill intention flashed past that set of pupils.

Zuo Fangping turned anxious as he was not able to grasp this white robed man’s background.

He hemmed and hawed, “Senior, things are not what you’re thinking about This wretched lass and I do not have that kind of relationship.. I have been entrusted by someone else to kill her only..”

“Oh, not that kind of relationship?” White robed man raised his eyebrow, “Originally, If you really were unsuccessful at ra*ing her, I’d let you go. After all, being a Casanova is part of a man’s nature, I can understand that part but now that you say you’re not, then I’m curious. Before you have satisfied my curiosity, then both of you must stay!”

When Zuo Fangping heard what he said, he almost roared with laughter.

Wh what kind of logic was that? He was afraid that this senior who had passed by was bursting with righteousness and wanted to be chivalrous, to bring justice to him for forcing a girl who had yet to meet the marriageable age so he hurriedly clarified himself.

However, the white robed man actually said if he would let him off if he was compelling the young lady and if he wasn’t, they had to stay?

What kind of situation was this?

He quickly added, “No, No, Senior. I said it wrongly! This lass, ughh, was someone I wanted to play around but I did not expect her to carry so many Profound Armaments on her and unexpectedly she had hurt me. I was furious and. and rashly dealt her a murderous hand..”

“Heh hehh, that’s not true right? This lass has been injured by you from head to toe but yet her clothes are still intact, and it cannot be more intact, so how could it be that you’re forcing yourself on her? You dare to lie to me, so you’d better stay behind!”

Zuo Fangping raised his head in surprise and met directly with the white robed man’s glare.

White robed man leaned slightly against a big tree with a lazy expression as he smiled wilfully.

His looks were exceedingly handsome and with this smile, it was comparable to the highest quality jade, faultlessly talented.

Zuo Fangping’s heart thumped loudly.

This man’s gaze was just too evil and in connection to what he had said earlier, he was obviously making a fool out of him!

No matter what he said, this white robed man was not intending to let him leave easily?

Zuo Fangping was upset but as the other party’s power was much higher than his, he did not dare to show his rage and could only swallow this down, explaining in a nice tone.

“Senior, nothing can escape your eyes. I had indeed no intention to do anything improper to this lass. What I said earlier was the truth. I had been entrusted by someone else to assassinate her. But as there were some accidents, it had dragged until now. So Senior, please have mercy and let us go.”