Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 651

Chapter 651 Still Not Going To Scram?

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Zuo Fangping believed that he had already shown his most humble behaviour as he weighed every single word he said, in order not to cause any displeasure to that white robed man.

But even after this, there was still a frivolous smile on the other man’s face.

“Just now you said that you were forcing yourself on that lady, and now you say there’s no such thing. Which sentence is the truth? From what I see, nothing you say is true, you’re intentionally.. making a fool out of me!”

The white robed man had started off with a smile but when he spoke till the end, his intonation suddenly changed and it suddenly became cold like ice!

“No! No.. it’s not like that please listen to my explanation..”

Zuo Fangping was frightened by his stern tone until his back was filled with sweat and as his legs gave way, he kneeled onto the ground.

White robed man snorted coldly as he suddenly used his hand and held Zuo Fangping’s chin.

He gave a dull groan “Wuu”!

A clump of blood spewed out from Zuo Fangping’s mouth and he covered his mouth with his hands as he started unbelievably at the white robed man, his face filled with terror.

Shortly after, he coughed and spat out a chunk of his tongue from his mouth.

He opened his mouth making an “ahh ahhh ahhhh” sound several times but he could only give out some blurry noises, not even able to say a single word clearly.

The white robed man replied coldly, “I have been in seclusion here for quite some time because of the serene and quiet environment. I had never expected that because of you wreaking havoc here, not only have you caused me a major headache, you have also ruined an entire furnace of Nine Transformations Turnabout Pill which I had been refining for eighty one days! Cutting off your tongue is just a small punishment. If you dare to appear in front of me again, don’t blame me for taking your life!”

Zuo Fangping begged mournfully with a “wu wu” sound as blood kept dripping from the corners of his mouth.

White robed man asserted, “Still not going to scram??”

His voice was soft as though whispers to a lover’s ears but this made Zup Fangping’s sweat profusely.

He couldn’t bother about the extreme pain in his mouth and turned around in a flurry as he grabbed Huang Yueli’s clothes in an attempt to bring her along.

White robed man said again, “Why? Don’t understand what I’m saying? She stays, you scram!”

Zuo Fangping lowered his head as he looked at Huang Yueli longingly. He had spent a substantial amount of skills before he managed to catch this crafty lass.

However, before he could kill her, he was asked to leave her there?

But his Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill was a dark attributed heaven grade cultivation method and since Huang Yueli had already been inflicted by his dark attributed Profound Energy, he gauged that going mad would be a matter of sooner or later.

If there was anyone in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent who could save someone who’s conscience who had been invaded by the dark attributed Profound Energy, it would only be the number one Divine Doctor Liu Buyan.

It was impossible for other people.

So even if she remained behind, her death was imminent!

With this in mind, Zuo Fangping no longer hesitated and hurriedly let ditched Huang Yueli, the soles of his feet seemed to have been anointed with oil as he speedily left the forest!

White robed man didn’t chase after him, or even cast him a single glance. Instead he walked to the front of Huang Yueli and squatted down.

Huang Yueli’s consciousness was now ninety percent blurry, with barely ten percent still lucid.

She could vaguely feel that Zuo Fangping had already been chased away by the sudden appearance of this white robed man!

She knew that she was not going to hang on any longer. But now that things have come to such a pass, if she felt indignant if she were self-explode here.

However, the white robed man lowered his chin and stared at her for some time with no signs of movements, or even any intention to save her..