Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 652

Chapter 652 You Stuffy Old Fox

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After a while later, Huang Yueli felt that her head was about to split open from the pain and was not going to hand on any further.

She finally moaned and spoke intermittently, “Save.. me.. please. Save. Me..”

“Save you?”

White robed man leaned in a bit closer, seemingly enjoying her tormented expression.

“Why should I save you? What benefits will I gain from saving you?”

Huang Yueli cursed silently in her heart. If he wasn’t prepared to save her, then why did he raise out his hands and obstruct? And even chased away Zuo Fangping? Did he have nothing better to do?

However under the current situation, she didn’t have any stand to be arrogant so she could only talk terms with good grace.

“Save me. I.. can give. you. money, and. Profound Armaments. Pills..”

When white robed man heard, he lifted his head back and laughed heartily, as though he was laughing at her ignorance and stupidity!

“Money? How much can you possibly give me? I’m not in need of money! Profound Armaments, Pills, however much I want, I have it all! You’re intending to use those worthless items which you can find on the streets to exchange for your life?”

Huang Yueli was pushed back by his words as she thought with indignance: What did this fellow mean? Fooling around with her?

By now, she had more or less understood Zuo Fangping’s feelings earlier. This mysterious white robed man’s words could really kill a person!

“Then you. why did you. save me?”

White robed man gave a low laugh as he said, “I saved you. perhaps it was because I wanted to see the effect of the Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill! As everyone knows, only very few dark attribute geniuses are able to master the Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill and it is very rare to encounter someone who is affected by this skill to not have its effect blown up yet. So I wanted to bring you back as a specimen so that I canobserve how the Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill takes effect!”

“You..” Huang Yueli was rendered speechless.

The white robed man shifted himself next to Huang Yueli’s ear and spoke in a low voice.

“How is it? Have you considered already? If you’re willing to be my clinical trial test kid, then I can bring you back. Perhaps in the middle of the clinical trial, you might have some dog sh*t luck and encounter some medication which might just restrain the dark attributed cultivation method which may give you a one in ten thousand chance of living!”

When Huang Yueli heard what he said, she went completely silent.

Such a black-bellied and sinister person was not commonly found. Based on the white robed man’s power and the way he talked, it reminded her of a particular someone..

Huang Yueli’s heart surfaced a guess, and she instantly got excited as her heartbeat increased by several counts.

She used all her determination and tried hard to open her eyes and take a look to see who was that person in front of her!

But the more she tried, the blurry her vision became as an increasing pain filled her brain!

That was why she was not able to see the person clearly.

Until the moment before she fainted, not knowing if it was due to a sudden spurt of activity before collapsing, the face before her suddenly became clearer.

A seemingly familiar face appeared right before her eyes.

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes as she wasn’t able to tell at that moment, that the person in front of her was real or just an illusion!

She couldn’t help but blurt out: “Liu Buyan. You..stuffy old fox..”

Before she could finished her words, her eyes rolled backwards as she fainted.

The white robed man was stunned for a moment and following that, he agitatedly got up and pounced onto Huang Yueli.

“What? What did you call me earlier?? How could you possibly know who I am? Wretched lass, wake up and speak clearly!”