Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 653

Chapter 653 She Cannot Die Yet

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The white robed man tugged on Huang Yueli’s collar as she was repeatedly shook and swayed but Huang Yueli was in a deeply unconscious state so no matter how much he called her, she could not wake up.

In reality, the consequence of this concussion would highly likely end up in death, which would result in her really sleeping forever!

He realised this as well and after shaking her for a while, he put her down.

He mumbled to himself, “Th how could this be possible? How could she be the same as that person, to call me by that disgusting nickname? This is obviously an insult to my character and power! This wretched lass looks very young, so how on earth would she know the term stuffy old fox? In the past, only that person would call me by this name..”

The Liu Buyan whom Huang Yueli talked about was the number one Divine Doctor in Soaring Heavens Continent, and the number one Pill Master!

The white robed man who had appeared in the forest was Liu Buyan himself!

Besides Huang Yueli, no one else would address him in that way.

However, that talented and beautiful lady in his memory had passed on for many years now. Her soul had dispersed and she would never be able to return to his side ever.

Liu Buyan shut his eyes as his gaze turned dark, gloomy and unfathomable.

Even so, just that familiar appellation brought back many memories in his heart and touched the deepest scar hidden deep within his heart.

He silently looked at Huang Yueli for a couple of minutes and realised that her facial colour had gradually turned steely green, dark attributed Profound Energy was going to invade her rationale completely.

Liu Buyan outstretched his hand and pressed against Huang Yueli’s chest.

Looking at this little lass, she cannot die yet!

He instilled a large amount of Profound Energy into her dantian and based on his strong and pure earth attributed Profound Energy, it tussled against dark attributed Profound Energy.

Although it could not get to the root cause, but at least it could prevent the Profound Energy from spreading and it would also stabilise Huang Yueli’s condition, temporarily stopping it from worsening.

He struggled for a moment but still bent down his waist and carried the young lady as he walked towards the direction of the deep end of the forest.


By the time Huang Yueli woke up in a daze, it was already the second day’s afternoon.

She shook her head and felt that her brain was still painful as though it was about to explode. Besides that, she could see bouts of darkness, as though she might faint any moment.

She used her hand to press on her temples and it was after an amount of time before she felt slightly sober and could barely see the things in front of her.

She was actually in a room. Although the room was not too big, but it could be seen that the Master of the house had put much thoughts into the delicate dcor, unconventional and yet not too lavish.

Huang Yueli sized up her surroundings and still felt muddled momentarily.

A clinking sound came from outside of the room as the room door was opened by someone.

A white robed man walked into the room from the outside.

When Huang Yueli saw his face, she opened her eyes wide with shock.

This man was actually someone she was rather close to in her past life — Number one Divine Doctor Liu Buyan!

At the same time, the memories from before she fainted came flushing into her as she suddenly recalled. So, when her conscious was muddled, that white coloured silhouette that she had saw was not her imagination from her delirious state, but something that had actually happened..


Huang Yueli had intended to say something but she was cut off by Liu Buyan.

“Little lass, consider your good luck that my mood isn’t too bad today so I made the sudden decision to save you. But don’t be too happy for now!”