Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 654

Chapter 654 The Cynical Divine Doctor Liu

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Liu Buyan slowly walked nearer as a cooling frivolous smile hung on his face. His vision stopped briefly on Huang Yueli’s face and followed downwards from her neckline as his gaze swept one round.

Huang Yueli instinctually felt something was amiss, lowered her head immediately and realised that the top most buckle had loosened, revealing a graceful shapely collarbone and a large portion of her delicate skin near her bosom could also been seen.

This was just too embarrassing!

She hurriedly sat up and tried to buckle up properly. However, she had overestimated her current condition.

The minute Huang Yueli moved, she felt a sense of dizziness and before she could sit up properly, she fell head down towards the ground.

Oh no! Would she break her head? Why was she in such a miserable state today!

Yet, the scenario of her head smashing against the ground did not happen as a powerful source of energy circled around her body.

Following that, her body floated to mid-air and banged heavily against a rock hard chest.

Under the acute shock, her already dizzy head had now become completely blank as she was so dizzy until she could not even raise up her head. Even when her eyes were shut tight, all she could see in her vision were countless shooting stars.

“If you wanted to throw yourself into my arms, say so earlier. Why bother using such tricks?”

She could hear a coquettish laugh from a man’s vocals beside her ear and that tone was indescribably filled with evil intentions.

Huang Yueli was seldom so dazed and totally could not react to his words, “… what?”

Liu Buyan continued, “I’ve seen lots of women who throw themselves at me but if you’re intending to use this method to compensate me for saving your life, it’s not that I won’t consider this possibility, but. just tell me straight. There’s no need to use this kind of ‘fake falling’ trick?”

In Huang Yueli’s confused mind, she managed to retain some rationale.

After hearing what he said, her expression turned green almost immediately.

Even after ten over years, Li Buyan still haven’t change his ‘shit eating’ habits.

In her past life, Liu Buyan was temperamental and had a cynical attitude which was rather well-known.

The number of people who begged Liu Buyan to help treat them were innumerable but as he had a weird temper, unless the other party were good friends like Mu Chengying, otherwise even if the other party brought a priceless treasure to seek consultation would also meet with difficulties.

The worse of all was not only the terms that he had laid out were harsh, sometimes even if the other party had met with his requests, he might not even gave them a consultation and it would entirely depend on his mood.

When he was in a bad mood, he went back on his words quite often.

Because of this, Liu Buyan had offended quite various powerhouses in Soaring Heavens Continent, and he belonged to the detested type of people.

However, even though everyone hated him, but no one dared to be discourteous to him. When they meet him, they would still need to lower down their stance and pretend to be nice.

The reason was because Liu Buyan’s medical skills were really beyond imagination. It could be said that for the past several thousand years, he had always been the Number one Divine Doctor in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent.

No one would dare to guarantee that there wouldn’t be a day where they need his help so no matter how much they hated him, they would need to swallow their pride.

However, there was a type of people who would gain priority in front of Divine Doctor Liu.

~~~~ That was beautiful young ladies.

Liu Buyan was also well known for being a Casanova and as he was also one of the famous males and his ranking was just behind Mu Chengying, the number of young ladies who admired him were countless.