Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Cannot Bear To Let Any Beauty Disappointed

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Mu Chengying and Liu Buyan were very good friends and often appeared together. Whenever the both of them appeared, it would often attract talented ladies from various major Sects who specially came to crowd around them or expressed their love.

Mu Chengying’s character was extremely cold and to women other than Huang Yueli, he often looked and spoke harshly.

But Liu Buyan was completely different. Every single women who threw themselves at him, he would immodestly take liberties with them. He treated everyone with the same ambiguous attitude, causing many young ladies to shed tears because of him.

Besides that, Liu Buyan had a special way of doing things. That was if he fancied any beautiful woman, he would give a free consultation for the other party.

His only request was for that party to accompany him for an entire month and she must listen to all his demands and fulfil all his requests. Every single movement must be according to his wishes.

It was because of this regulation that he was castigate by many, some who hated him thought that he was a sex fiend who took advantage of people when they had fallen and using this as an excuse to soil his reputation behind his back.

Only those, like Huang Yueli or Mu Chengying, who were closer to him knew that reality and rumours were very different.

It was true that Liu Buyan had a filthy mouth and he often loved to take liberties with ladies.

Besides, as his character was wicked, his mouth was not always that cheap. When he was happy, all sorts of ambiguous sweet nothings would spill out, but when he was wicked, he could really infuriate one to death.

But if one was to say that he was frivolous, then that. might not be so.

Huang Yueli sighed slightly as she recalled some things from her past life and the rage that was riled up by Liu Buyan seemed to have descended by quite a bit.

She bore with the dizziness and she clenched her teeth and said, “Can you don’t be so narcissistic?Who who would want to throw myself at you? I merely wanted to sit up, but. I almost nearly fainted..”

“Really? This explanation seems to be real but you’ve already leaned against my chest for so long already and you still can’t bear to get up. Aren’t you secretly hinting me or something?”

Saying that, Liu Buyan lowered his head as a smile hung on the corners of his lips and he gradually went nearer to her ear.

“You know, I cannot bear to let any beauty disappointed..”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched as she went totally speechless in her heart.

In the past when she heard Liu Buyan was frivolous but because she was Mu Chengying’s woman, Liu Buyan did not dare to show her any disrespect.

Now that her identity had changed, when she heard what he said, she felt awkward to the max.

She used her strength and pushed Liu Buyan, speaking in an infuriated tone: “I’ve already said that I don’t mean it in that way! If you don’t want to make my disappointed, then scram further away!”

Huang Yueli moved backwards, attempting to sit back on the bed.

But this sudden movement caused her to almost fall down again.

Liu Buyan held out his hand in time as he held her waist.

“Little beauty, do you know what it means by your mouth saying yes but your heart saying no and rejecting your desire but actually welcoming it?”

Looking at Liu Buyan’s expression that looked like a smile but yet not a smile, Huang Yueli almost wanted to throw up blood.

Why was the effect of this Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill so abnormal? Until now, not only was she not able to utilise her Profound Energy, she kept having dizzy spells making her unable to even stand properly!

Besides that, she had continuously made a fool out of herself in front of Liu Buyan. If he really misunderstood anything, then in future when they met again, won’t she die of embarrassment?

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli felt that she must find ways to ascertain her identity just in case Liu Buyan develops any unnecessary misunderstanding.

Liu Buyan was also Mu Chengying’s best friend. So if she was able to receive his help, then she would be able to return to Mu Chengying successfully!