Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Actually Dared To Doubt Him In This Way

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Liu Buyan was dumbfounded when he heard that and immediately after, his expression turned ugly.

The weak lass right in front of him was extremely immodest. She returned the ridicule that he had sent to her just minutes ago.

Earlier he said “if she wanted to throw herself him, just tell him straight” and now her reply was “if you’re not able to cure me, just tell me now”, didn’t this mean she was doubting his medical skill?

If this could be tolerated, then what else could not be!

In Liu Buyan’s entire life, the one thing that he could not tolerate was someone doubting his medical skills!

He retorted grumpily, “Who says I can’t cure you? I was just saying judging on your injuries, just based on taking pills alone would not be enough to eradicate the dark attribute Profound Energy in your body completely. As long as a little bit of dark attributed Profound Energy remains, the giddiness that you encounter will remain so in terms of treatment, there are just some inconveniences!”


Huang Yueli just replied with a single tone word.

Even though it was a short reply, but in Liu Buyan’s ears, it was comprehended as thousands of words.

This wretched lass, did she think he was not able to understand what she meant? She did not believe in his medical skills at all and had thought that he was lying??

What a joke, were there any injuries that he, Liu Buyan, was unable to cure? To doubt him in this way! Where had the eyes of this woman gone to?

Oh that’s right, a country bumpkin like this lass couldn’t possibly know what an extraordinary person he was!

However, Liu Buyan’s mood was extremely vile.

“What do you mean? Do you think I can’t cure you? I’m telling you, it’s just a fifth degree realm practitioner putting his Profound Energy to use on the Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill only. Even if it was a ninth degree realm practitioner’s arm, I can also cure! The reason why you feel so giddy is because I had not expected your cultivation to be that bad. If it had been practitioners with stronger power, they would not end up like you!”


Huang Yueli still replied using the same single tone word.

Liu Buyan answered: “You, you, you. simply trying to anger me to death! Since you don’t believe me, then I will help to cure….”

Saying to this point, Liu Buyan seemed to have realised something and immediately shut his mouth.

He hastily corrected himself: “. If you don’t believe me, then beg me. If you managed to make me happy and agree to my terms, I can consider giving you treatment.”

Huang Yueli pouted her lips as she secretly thought this fellow’s reaction was rather quick.

She did not want Liu Buyan to deliberately make things difficult so she taunted him.

She had some understanding of Liu Buyan’s thinking and knew that when this fellow agreed to treat a patient, it was definitely not because he wanted to be a Saint, helping to tend to the sick and injured.

Other than treating his best friends or beautiful women, towards other people, there were several times when he agreed to the treatment, it was just to prove that his medical skills were the best malpractice and no one else were comparable to him!

On seeing Liu Buyan being angered to a certain point, she had thought that he would surely divulged by mistake and agreed to cure her!

However, the result was he was able to turn around at the critical moment.

But no matter, she had even more malicious talk waiting for him!

Huang Yueli shut her eyes as she replied, “You do you think I’m an idiot? You obviously cannot cure me and still continue telling me rubbish. Anyway after I’m dead, you can say that it’s not that you cannot cure me, it’s because I didn’t beg you..”


Liu Buyan didn’t expect that he would be despised to this degree by a young lass.

Her meaning behind her words was that by asking her to beg him, he was intentionally finding an excuse to hide the fact that he was not able to cure her!