Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 658

Chapter 658 I've Met Too Many Scammers

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As a number one Divine Doctor, did he need to do such a thing?

But in order to rebuke her and prove that he was able to cure her, could it be that. he really had to cure her?

Of course, Liu Buyan was not really unwilling to help treat her. After all, this young lass was exactly the type of ladies that he admired and he had indeed not met a young lady who made him feel the same as that person..


Only this lass had yet to kneel down and beg him for help! He had yet to haughtily throw out his terms to let her be his puppet doll for an entire month!

But how would he reply her? How could he reduce his terms like that!

Thinking of this, he suddenly seemed to recall something as his eyes shone.

“Young lass, the reason why you doubt my medical skills is because you don’t know who I am, right? Let me tell you, I’m the only nine ranked Pill Master in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent and also a nine ranked Doctor, my name is Liu Buyan! As a practitioner, you must have heard of my name!”

“Liu Buyan ah..” Huang Yueli gave a blank expression.

Liu Buyan was secretly feeling delightful.

This was known as a man’s name was equivalent to a tree’s shadow. Once he revealed his name, this lass instantly paused? Knew that she was wrong? Knew that she had offended a Divine Doctor like him and playing a joke with her own life?

He finally felt that he gained some face back and lowering his chin, he continued, “Do you now understand clearly? For a dark attributed skill like the Seven Character Soul Extinguishment skill, once the Profound Energy had invaded your consciousness, it is extremely difficult to treat. I am the only one in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent who can treat this! If I’m not willing to heal you, then only death will await you!”

As Liu Buyan finished what he was saying, he haughtily shifted his vision away, waiting for that lass to apprehend his meaning and kneel and beg him for help.

By then, he only needed to add in a few more jeering and at the same time raise more demands, better if she was able to accompany him for a while longer, at least three months!

After all, he really felt that this lass was alike to that person that.. person who he had hidden at the bottom of his heart for many years.

Moreover, among all the young girls whom he had met over the years, she was the most alike, not only in terms of looks, but also her tone of speaking, that witty and intelligent look were all so similar..

However, Liu Buyan waited and waited but he didn’t managed to wait for Huang Yueli’s begging.

He held himself back and when he finally could not hold it in anymore, he turned around and realised that the little lass had already leaned against a pillow and shut her eyes, not knowing if she had fainted or fallen asleep!

“You. wake up! What are you thinking about? Don’t you want to live anymore? Do you even want me to treat you??”

Liu Buyan’s expression turned steely green, feeling that he had been greatly insulted!

Huang Yueli spoke in a neither fast nor slow speed: “Oh please, Uncle, if you want to brag, please don’t exaggerate too much! Don’t all old men who want to abduct ignorant young lasses bluff by saying he is the Number one Divine Doctor Liu Buyan? I’m telling you, I’ve seen a lot of scammers like you that want to cheat people for sex or their money. If I were to believe you, I would just bump into a ghost! Anyway since I’m going to die, why should I beg you?”

“I.. you..”

At this moment, Liu Buyan almost couldn’t breathe!

This lass actually treated him as one of those vagrant cheaters who were devoid of conscience!

After some time, he finally regained his composure and in an utterly discomfited tone he said, “Damn it! I said I’m Liu Buyan, so I am! Didn’t you see this fan that I’m carrying?”