Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Isnt This Considered As Narcissistic?

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As Liu Buyan was talking, he extracted a fan from his waist and with a swish, the fan opened up.

On the face of the folding fan, besides a majestic atmospheric landscape painting, there was a massive “Liu” word. The character was in bold cursive calligraphy, giving off an unbridled and unrestrained feeling.

Even if Huang Yueli didn’t look, she knew what that was.

This folding fan was one of the tokens which symbolizes Liu Buyan’s statue, and in Soaring Heavens Continent, all those who had some experience would know who the owner of this folding fan was!

To Huang Yueli, this folding fan was more than familiar.

Because this fan was an article which she had personally refined that year, and it was a genuine ninth grade upper level Profound Armament!

The fan face looked like it was made out of the most ordinary scattered gold fine writing paper but in reality, she had used the nine dual petal violet leafed golden lotus in combination with various ninth grade materials, refining it for eighty one days before it was refined successfully.

Although it looked like it was brittle and thin, but in actual fact.. it was indestructible!

That was many years ago, Liu Buyan dragged Mu Chengying before her to help beseech for it.

Huang Yueli seldom spent so much energy to refine a ninth grade upper level Profound Armament and at that time, she was giving Mu Chengying some face while on the other hand, she thought that if she was injured one fine day, she would definitely require Liu Buyan’s help.

Hence, she accepted this task and spent quite an enormous effort on it.

After this Jade Lotus Fan’s shape had been set, its power was enormous and in combination to Liu Buyan’s earth attribute Profound Energy, it was listed as one of the top ten Profound Weapon in the Soaring Heavens Continent’s Weaponry Register.

After so many years, to be able to see the Jade Lotus Fan again, Huang Yueli was deeply moved.

But she did not reveal her thoughts. Instead she said, “Isn’t that just a fan? Just taking a fan and you think you can pretend to be Divine Doctor Liu? Which vagrant scammer who pretends to be Divine Doctor Liu don’t have a fan in their hands? Aren’t you just trying to cheat me just because I’ve never seen the real Jade Lotus Fan? Tsk, you cannot be more fake than this!”

Liu Buyan almost threw up blood!

The people he normally met were basically from large Sects and their potential were pretty powerful.

It had been quite a number of years since he met someone with such a weak cultivation and a lass who didn’t even have a discerning eye for things!

She, she, she. actually didn’t know what’s was what!

It’s not that he was a narcissist, but someone as charming as him, just one look and you’d know he’s no ordinary man. No matter who saw him, one would probably suspect which sacred place did he hail from?

(Little Li’er: Damn, isn’t this considered as narcissistic?)

Even after he had shown his Jade Lotus Fan, she was still showing that disdain and contemptuous look!

This was a ninth grade upper level Profound Armament! To a second degree realm practitioner like her, it would be her greatest honour if she could even take a look at it from afar. But yet, she still showed that dissatisfied look?

Had her eyes been smeared with shit?

Liu Buyan was completely infuriated now.

He stared at Huang Yueli’s face as he gloomily said, “Right, since you don’t believe that I can cure you, I shall intentionally cure you! Wait and see. I’ll show you later if I’m the real Liu Buyan or not!”

Liu Buyan left these words and walked out of the room angrily in large strides, and even slamming the door as he left, letting out a “Bang” blare!

When Huang Yueli heard this rumble, her initial dizzy brain had started to hurt again.

“Damn, what kind of man is this? To treat a pitiful weak young lady like this? Does he still have any conscience left?”