Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 661

Chapter 661 Up To No Good

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“You has water gotten into your head? You can’t feel this at all?”

Liu Buyan was extremely depressed as his hand in the air stopped for a short moment before the golden needle pricked into Huang Yueli’s back and his movements had became much gentler than before.

“How about now? Is it still painful? Has your symptoms reduced??” He clenched his teeth and inquired.

This needle had a slight prickling pain, as though she had been bitten by a mosquito.

Huang Yueli satisfactorily hooked the sides of her lips upwards and replied, “Oh, I feel it, I feel it! Indeed, I no longer feel so dizzy now. Looks like your blind guess seemed to be of some use..”

His highly perfected medical skills were ‘blind guesses’? Such an obvious effect was called ‘of some use’?

Liu Buyan cried out in discomfort! But to prove that his medical skills were extraordinary, he was not able to poke her to death with one prick!

Moreover, he couldn’t bear to raise his hand against someone who had such a similar expression and look.

Liu Buyan couldn’t think of anything else and holding in his anger, he applied acupuncture on Huang Yueli’s acupoints with the golden needles.

In this entire process, not that he had never thought of using underhanded methods to implicate her. But the minute something was wrong, Huang Yueli would hurl out all sorts of suspicions at him.

Such as “Do you really know how to do treatment?”, “Blowing your own trumpet until it’s already broken? I don’t believe Divine Doctor Liu don’t even know how to do acupuncture!”, “Vagrant scammer will be a vagrant scammer, admitting it won’t kill you!”

Just listening to these alone infuriated Liu Buyan so much that his eyebrows kept twitching.

He finally finished the acupuncture and left the golden needles on her for around one hour after Liu Buyan removed it.

“So how are you now? Much better?” Liu Buyan asked with a black face.

Huang Yueli tried sensing and replied, “I seem much better now. But when I turn my head like this, I still feel giddy and the right side of my head still feels painful..”

This time round, she was telling the truth. After all, she was seeing the doctor so if she were to tell the wrong symptoms, it would affect the doctor’s judgement so it won’t do any good for her.

What’s more, as long as Liu Buyan did not come out with any evil ideas, she wouldn’t intentionally go against him because all she wanted to was to survive only..

Liu Buyan squinted his eyes when he heard what she said.

He stretched out his hand and once again, placed it on Huang Yueli’s wrist.

The dark attributed Profound Energy in your body had already been dispersed by a large amount. But because the treatment time was delayed for quite some time, so a substantial amount of Profound Energy had already invaded the inner portion of your dantian, and would not be easily eradicated.”

“So.. that portion would never be cleared?” Huang Yueli enquired.

“Of course it can be cleared!” Liu Buyan stared at her in disbelief, as his words had repeatedly been doubted by this lass!

But while thinking, he burst out laughing.

“Hmm, once this portion of dark attributed Profound Energy had invaded the dantian, it was indeed more difficult to cure. As time drags on, it might possibly invade your meridians and affect your future cultivation. But there is still a way to clear it fast. Nothing can stump me, Li Buyan! Just wait and see!”

As Liu Buyan spoke, he turned and walked out of the room.

Huang Yueli was stunned when she saw him acting in this way.

Earlier Liu Buyan appeared melancholy, sporting a look as though he wanted to kill her just with his eyes. But after a couple of breath’s time, he suddenly laughed.

This was just too abnormal and weird!

It was apparent that that fellow didn’t have any good intentions!

Could it be that he was thinking of other sinister ideas to exact revenge on her?