Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Take Off Your Clothes

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After a while, Liu Buyan returned with two thirteen to fourteen year old servant girls.

He turned around and instructed the servant girls before walking to her bedside.

This time, Liu Buyan’s spitting anger expression no longer hung on his face. Instead, a smile hung on his face and his gaze ran from head to toe, as he presumptuously sized Huang Yueli up.

His eyes undisguisedly bore the four words: Up to no good!

Huang Yueli took guard against him as she questioned, “What’s up with you. why are you staring at me like that?”

Liu Buyan’s thin lips curled upwards as he spat out these words.

“Take off your clothes!”

Huang Yueli was shocked as she couldn’t believe her ears, “What did you say?”

Her delicate pale face revealed a sluggish expression, temporarily losing her black bellied and calm smile.

Liu Buyan saw her expression and his spirits instantly was lifted. He delightfully smiled as he spoke slowly, “Take, off, your, clothes! I think I’ve made myself very clear? Do you need a more detailed explanation? That means to remove all your clothes, from your inner clothes to the outer ones, from top to toe, remove ALL your clothes, understand?”

Huang Yueli’s face immediately turned green.


Sky Cloud City North Eastern Region.

On a uneven mountain path, the rider dressed in black rode on a steed as it speedily flew on the narrow pathway.

Very quickly, he arrived at his destination a majestic atmospheric mountain, which was also where Li Moying’s Sect was.

The minute he arrived at the front mountain, he was stopped by someone.

The disciples standing guard spoke down against him haughtily, “Who is that, report your name! Do you know where this place is? How dare you rush headlong to our Sect’s main door!”

His attitude was extremely impolite but disciples from a large Sect were often arrogant and there was no exception even if he was just an outer disciple who stood guard outside the door.

The black robed rider got off the horse and passed a token ring to the outer disciple.

“Acting on my master’s orders, I’m returning to the Sect.” His expression was solemn as he spoke calmly.

The outer disciple was originally in a lazy attitude but the minute he saw the token ring, his hand trembled and almost dropped the token ring onto the ground. Following that he immediately adjusted his posture and stood pencil straight.

He held the token ring with both hands and delivered it to the black robed rider’s hand.

“S So you’re Sir Mo Yi, it’s been hard on you to have completed your tasks while outside! Please enter inside quickly, this way please!”

As Li Moying’s subordinate, Mo Yi wasn’t a nobody in the Sect. He was also a well known figure among the inner disciples and had passed various tests and handled the bodyguard position before he became the commander of the Shadow Guards.

He kept his token ring and asked the disciple standing guard, “Where is Young Sect Master now?”

The doorkeeper disciple hurriedly replied, “This. my position is lowly here so I’m not sure of Young Sect Master’s movements. But I heard that the competition with West Sky Region is starting soon so all direct disciples are currently in closed door cultivation at the hind mountain so Young Sect Master should be there too.”

When Mo Yi heard that, he appeared stunned, instinctively feeling something was amiss.

Li Moying sent an urgent mail to ask him to return to the Sect in the shortest time possible. He had thought something major was happening in the Sect which could have endangered Li Moying’s safety.

Because of that, he rushed back burning with anxiety and in the several days of his journey, a few fourth grade Dark Snow Piebald Horses had died from tiredness which was why he was able to reach the Sect in such a short amount of time.

But it looked like nothing had happened in the Sect at all.