Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 664

Chapter 664 Intercepted Midway

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Mo Yi knew that Murong Fei was extremely particular to stay on her dignity and was someone who was particular about ostentation and extravagance.

Those disciples whose status were much lower would be required to pay their respects to her, otherwise they would be secretly marked by her.

He hurriedly replied, “Please be appeased, Eldest Young Miss. I am Mo Yi and I have a huge responsibility now to report to my Master urgently, so I didn’t notice what had happened earlier at the main door. If I had offended you in any way, I hope Eldest Young Miss don’t take it to heart.”

Murong Fei raised her eyebrows and replied, “Your Master? You are..”

Mo Yi replied: “I am one of Young Sect Master’s Shadow Guard.”

Murong Fei had intentionally asked him on purpose so she displayed an enlightened look as she nodded and continued, “Yes, no wonder I find you familiar. So you are one of Moying’s guards.”

“That’s right. I had just returned from outside earlier and as Master had urgently recalled me, I was in a hurry to report to him at the rear mountain so I beseech Eldest Young Miss to allow me to leave for now.”

Mo Yi heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that he had got past this hurdle for now.

Although Murong Fei’s character was cold and aloof, but towards Li Moying, she had always tried to get into his good books. So with this in mind, she was much tolerant towards the subordinates under Li Moying and had never made things difficult for them.

But this round, things were not as what Mo Yi had predicted.

When Murong Fei heard what he said, she did not let him go off as what she did in the past, but she replied, “Senior Brother is currently in closed door cultivation at the rear mountain, preparing for the tournament which will be held seven days later. This is the biggest event that is happening in our Sect for now so how can you go and disturb him now? Whatever matter you have, wait until the tournament is over!”

She turned around and looked at her own guards, “You guys bring Protector Mo Yi to the room on the mountainside to rest and treat him well. This person here is the most popular person around your Young Sect Master!”

Murong Fei’s guards immediately passionately welcomed him.

“Senior Brother Mo, this way please!”

Mo Yi hastily replied, “NNo.. rest time isn’t urgent. Eldest Young Miss, I really have urgent matters to meet with my Master and he was the one who used the white breasted falcon to deliver the urgent mail to recall me, so he must have something very urgent! Even if he is in closed door cultivation, he will definitely come out and meet me so I must rush over immediately!”

Murong Fei creased her brows and replied coldly, “It was rumoured that the people around Senior Brother have outstanding cultivations and were all dependable and reliable. But how come you don’t seem to be understand the severity of this matter? The tournament is the biggest event that is happening in the Sect now and Senior Brother holds the hope for the entire Sect. How can he be disturbed during his closed door cultivation? If this disturbance causes damages to his cultivation, are you going to be accountable for it?”

Mo Yi was lectured till his face turned pale and his head hung low.

But he was still reluctant to give up and immediately replied, “Eldest Young Miss, please be appeased. I naturally understand the point you are trying to put across but but this is the first time Master had sent out such an urgent mail to recall me, so he must have something major cropping up! I must go and meet him now!”

“Enough! Why can’t you be more sensible? Senior Brother is in the Sect and there are so many fellow disciples around him, so if he really met with any trouble, who wouldn’t be of help? Must he really wait for you to do it? Besides that, I have been meeting Senior Brother every day for the past few days and he had been in a pretty good mood. He doesn’t look like he had anything urgent to attend to.”

“But, that letter..”

Mo Yi didn’t want to rebuke Murong Fei but when he recalled the illegible handwriting and a few hasty sentences, it made him uptight once more.

Murong Fei had not expected him to be so uncooperative and her tone started to be tinged with impatience.