Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 665

Chapter 665 Dont Believe He Cannot Cure Her

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“What? Did you think that anyone could hurt Senior Brother in the Sect?”

Mo Yi hurriedly shook his head, “No, it’s not like that. I had never thought of it in this way..” he tried to explain.

However Murong Fei didn’t wait for him to finish before she cut him off again.

“Since that’s the case, then don’t disturb Senior Brother!”

Mo Yi frowned and a sense of uncertainty appeared at the back of his head, not understanding why Murong Fei must stop him from meeting Li Moying.

Murong Fei saw his strange expression and realised that her attitude seemed slightly off hand and immediately relaxed her tone by adding a few more words of explanation.

“I had said these was all for the consideration of the Sect. But I can understand your feelings as well. Why not we do it in this way, you follow my guards to rest up in the room first. As for your return, I’ll inform Senior Brother. If he wishes to meet up with you, he will naturally ask someone to summon you.”

After Mo Yi heard this, he thought carefully for a moment and felt that it made sense.

If Li Moying had something urgent to look for him, even if he don’t call on him, Li Moying would also ask someone to check on his whereabouts and if it’s nothing urgent, he would naturally not want to meet anyone while he’s in closed door cultivation.

With Murong Fei passing the word, it would be better than him rashly disturbing his Master.

With his, he nodded his head and replied, “Then I will have to trouble Eldest Young Miss.”

Mo Yi following Murong Fei’s guards and making a turn, he made his way towards another mountain pathway.

Murong Fei let out a frosty smile upon seeing his disappearing silhouette.

She was going to meet Li Moying but she would absolutely not remind Li Moying about Mo Yi’s return.

If she were to allow them to meet, then the fact that she had sent the assassin to kill that lass would be exposed! She was worried that Zuo Fangping would not be able to find an opportunity to take action so she wanted to make more time for him so that he would be able to ensure things go on without an flaw!

As for that summoning letter, it was not even from Li Moying so even if Mo Yi waited till the end of time, Li Moying would not possibly summon for him.

When Mo Yi finally realised something was wrong, that wretched lass’s bones might have already turned to ashes!

As Murong Fei delightfully thought of these, the smile on her lips grew wider.

She held out her hand, “Little Butterfly, serve the millennium snow lotus porridge which I had made earlier and follow me closely. I am going to the rear mountain to meet with Senior Brother!”


In the deep end of the forest.

A little courtyard laid within.

Huang Yueli subconsciously held the blanket in front of her chest tightly as she stared chillingly at the man in front of her.

Those words that Liu Buyan had said earlier simply sounded too dubious.

What “take it all off”, “remove cleanly”! Would an honourable person even use such words? Could it be that he was really intending to lay his hands on her?

Speaking of this, Liu Buyan helmed the reputation of the number one playboy in the South Sky region and even if she didn’t feel there was any major problem with Liu Buyan in her past life, but that could only be because she was Liu Buyan’s best friend’s sweetheart.

As the saying goes, you cannot fool around with your friend’s wife. So perhaps Liu Buyan was courteous to her because of this.

But now he didn’t know her identity and perhaps he really had some warped thinking in his mind.

Liu Buyan looked at her uptight expression and instantly his spirits was lifted.

This irritating young lass, hadn’t she not shown him any respect earlier and even disrespect his dignity?

How about now? Ha ha ha ha, he didn’t believe that he cannot cure this flat chested young lass at all!