Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 666

Chapter 666 Wasted To Have Such A Handsome Face

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Thinking of this, Liu Buyan opened his mouth once more: “Why? Didn’t hear me clearly? Still not going to undress? Oh, right, I understand now. You must still be suffering from concussion and feeling faint so you don’t have the energy to undress! I’ve wronged you! No matter, let me help you, undressing or the likes, I’m the expert in this..”

He protruded his cheeks and moved closer with an ambiguous expression, seemingly like he needed a good spanking.

Huang Yueli’s mouth started to twitched.

If it hadn’t been for lethargy and all the Profound Armaments she had were exhausted during the battle with Zuo Fangping, she would had thrown a Thunder Flame Ball on Liu Buyan’s face long ago!

Really wasted to have such a handsome face. His character really seemed like it needed a spanking and looked especially retched!

Liu Buyan stretched out his hand to snatch the blanket covering her.

As Huang Yueli prepared to shoot her mouth off at him, suddenly a “creakkk~” sound was heard as the room door was opened from the outside.

“Master, the items you require have been prepar~… Ahhh!!”

Four serving maids entered the room and they were talking while walking in.

The minute they entered the room, the scene they saw was two people huddling tightly at the corner of the bedside.

The few of them immediately stopped in their tracks and using their hands to cover their mouths, they gave an astonished and vexed expression.

Huang Yueli’s mouth started twitching again.

From the expressions of those serving maids, without a doubt, they had mistaken her and Liu Buyan, the unprincipled one, were having some illicit affair!

Only Heavens knew that she had no interest in this sully butterfly at all.

Liu Buyan smiled as he raised his chin and raising his brow, that expression looking contented.

Huang Yueli turned her face around with a chilly expression, not giving him a hoot.

Liu Buyan turned around and when he faced the serving maids, the smile on his face instantly disappeared into thin air.

“Who told you that you could enter the guest’s room without knocking on the door? Don’t you even have any manners?”

Although Liu Buyan usually despised worldly conventions, but he was after all a ninth degree realm expert and when his stern face was turned on, that imposing manner was definitely extraordinary.

The serving maids turned pale with fright and apologized profusely, “Master please be appeased. Qing’er is at fault. Please mete out punishment to me!”

Liu Buyan replied: “Go to the in-charge and receive your punishment by yourself. Leave the things and you can go!”

The few serving maids were scared out of their wits and hurriedly left the items before running out of the room.

Huang Yueli turned to take a look and found that the serving maids had brought in a huge bathtub. It was as tall as one man’s height and the width was so large that it could seat two people with more space to spare.

Beside the bathtub were various grades of medicinal herbs.

Other than these, there were several pails of boiling hot water.

Huang Yueli instantly understood what was going on. Liu Buyan had wanted to let her soak in a medicinal bath to expel the dark attributed Profound Energy within her.

This was a commonly used treatment and Huang Yueli had encountered this plenty of times.

If it hadn’t been for Liu Buyan who had put it so ambiguously to her in an attempt to mislead her, she would have thought of this long ago.

On seeing the bathtub, Huang Yueli felt relieved and pulling the blanket aside, she sat up.

She was still experiencing obvious dizziness so she didn’t dare to move too quickly. She placed one hand against the railing of the bed and the other held on to the mattress as she slowly arose.

When Liu Buyan saw what she was doing, he held on to her shoulder and steadied her swaying body.

“Come on, aren’t you feeling dizzy? Don’t push yourself too hard. Let me help you along the way, I can also help you undress directly! You really can’t find such a good hearted doctor like me nowadays..”