Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 667

Chapter 667 Probably Be My Grandpas Age Already

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Huang Yueli was dumbstruck as she had been completely defeated by his thick skin.

However, even though nothing nice comes out from this fellow’s filthy mouth, but knowing that his motive was to let her soak in the medicinal bath for treatment, Huang Yueli wasn’t a single bit worried.

As a doctor, he would definitely not do anything which would affect the treatment. After all, what Liu Buyan was most afraid of was to ruin his own reputation as the Number One Divine Doctor!

So Huang Yueli might as well let him help hold her as she slowly made her way to the bathtub.

Since it saved more energy when someone was holding her and since that person liked to service others as though a serving maid, then why would she reject this offer?

The duo stopped when they reached the side of the bathtub.

Huang Yuei knew that the next step she should take was to undress and jump into the bathtub. So she looked back and stared at Liu Buyan, clearly intending that he should get lost!

However, Liu Buyan didn’t move a single step and looked back directly at her, his expression filled with provocation.

“What’s the matter? Lass, why aren’t you undressing? Could it be you are waiting for your brother here to help you undress? Then I really won’t stand on ceremony?”

Liu Buyan waited for her exasperated or embarrassed reaction because she only had two routes to take. One was to undress in front of him or she could take up his suggestion to help her remove her clothes.

And it seemed that it was impossible for her to agree to either one route so what reaction would she come out with? It was something worth looking forward to..

Liu Buyan actually didn’t realised that his thinking was abnormal but after that person had died, he hadn’t met with any young lass who had made him interested in the past ten over years and simply couldn’t wait to tease her.

Huang Yueli remained rooted to the ground and calmly shot him a glance, “Uncle, how old are you now, you still dare to claim that you’re a brother? If you had kids when you were younger, you’d probably be my grandpa’s age already?”

Liu Buyan’s expression on his handsome face paused for a moment and very quickly, it turned green and purple as though he had just swallowed a housefly.

“Wa kao, where on earth have your eyes gone to? Uncle? Have you ever seen such a handsome and charming uncle? And grandpa…. Pa your head! I’m not that old alright??”

As compared to this obviously inexperienced young lass, he was naturally older by quite a bit.

But for nine degree realm practitioners like him, their lifespan would last at least a few thousand years and as for their looks, they would have to wait till they reached 900 years old before signs of aging would appear. Any time before that, he would maintain his looks when he had just broke through to the nine degree realm when he was twenty eight years old.

So amongst the nine degree realm practitioners, Liu Buyan was considered as extremely young and with such a devilish handsome face, from three year old Lolita to several hundred year old nine degree realm female practitioners, which lady had not been smitten by him?

Only this blind lass in front of him dared to despise him for his age??

Liu Buyan’s expression turned green and just as he was about to lecture this young lass on what was known to respect her elders.. uggg, no, to admire handsome men.

This round, Huang Yueli opened her mouth again.

“I say, Uncle, do you really want to see me undress?”

“Of course!”

Liu Buyan originally wanted to trick her and as he had been agitated by her earlier, he naturally would not let go of this opportunity to make a practical joke out of her who had despised her as old!

Huang Yueli pursed her lips as though she was in an awkward position.

“Alright then, I’m really going to undress!”

What? Did he hear it wrongly, this lass was really preparing to undress in front of him??