Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 668

Chapter 668 Rather Pure And Innocent

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Liu Buyan’s eye turned wide as it almost dropped out from its sockets.

No, wait a minute, this must be unreal. This lass would rather die than give in to the assassin but when she met him, a charming and elegant handsome man, she actually gave in that easily?

Could it be that she was conquered by his handsome looks?

Liu Buyan narcissistically thought while he didn’t really believe this.

Was this lass fooling around with him? Trying to scheme him, too innocent! When he hoaxed her continuously later, it would definitely make her cry nonstop!

Liu Buyan’s mentality now was equivalent to a seven or eight year old boy. The more interest he had towards a girl, the more he wanted to make her cry. Apparently, he didn’t notice how childish he was.

However, without waiting for him to continue, Huang Yueli said, “Alright, then I’ll undress now!”

Saying that, she really pulled open the front lapel of her clothes and with a whoosh, she had revealed her outer clothes.


Liu Buyan’s first reaction was to turn around and both his hands covering his eyes tightly.

“You wretched lass, don’t you have any morals at all! You actually undressed in front of a stranger???”

“Ha ha ha ha…”

Huang Yueli’s laughter came reverberating from Liu Buyan’s back.

He then realized that he had been tricked and as he turned around, he saw that there were several layers of clothes on Huang Yueli. The outer layer was a smock and after she had removed that, she still had inner robe and undergarments on her. So there was no way she would be exposed.

“Stinking lass, you dare to fool me??” Liu Buyan’s expression turned as ugly as it could be.

Huang Yueli laughed as she replied, “Uncle, don’t act tough. I realized that you’re actually an honorable and upright man.”

“Me? You’re talking about me? What honorable and upright man could I be? Did you make a mistake? You really think I won’t force you!” Liu Buyan flushed red as an embarrassed glint flashed past his face.

Huang Yueli laughed till she couldn’t speak.

In actual fact, she had already discovered in her past life that Liu Buyan only appeared as a Casanova and abnormal but in reality, he wasn’t the extreme which he displayed to the outside world.

She had already witnessed before in her past life that sometimes when Liu Buyan talked to her, his face would be flushed, and he looked rather pure and innocent.

No one knew why he displayed a Casanova look and acted in a flirtatious behavior.

Seeing that Liu Buyan’s expression was a mix of embarrassment and anger, Huang Yueli quickly grabbed hold of a screen and pulled it towards the side of the bathtub.

“I’m really going to undress now, so just wait behind the screen!”

“Why should I listen to you?”

Liu Buyan’s expression was black like coal as he was filled with anger, bearing a look which showed that he couldn’t wait to strangle her to death.

However, his actions and the words he said were totally the opposite.

Liu Buyan looked at Huang Yueli holding up her dizzy head and taking the screen from her, he moved it to encircle the surroundings and even helped to pour the water and medicinal herbs into the bathtub before leaving the area.

Walking to the external boundary outside the screen, he sat down on a chair.

Slight rustling sound echoed from the screen and it was obvious that Huang Yueli was really undressing this time.

Liu Buyan sat on the chair and hesitated for some time before he called out, “Hey, young lass, the water in the bathtub is boiling hot and the medicinal herbs inside are rather stimulating so when you enter….”

Before he could finish, he heard a “splash” sound.