Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 671

Chapter 671 Friends Turned Foes

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As Liu Buyan was speaking, the Profound Energy within gushed out uncontrollably and the surrounding air instantly became scorching hot!

Even though he didn’t meant for it to happen, but Liu Buyan was still a genuine nine degree realm practitioner and just this unintentional release of his Profound Energy caused some serious impact on Huang Yueli’s dantian!

She made an “oopf” sound and felt something sweet gushing up her throat, almost spitting out a mouthful of blood!

Huang Yueli quickly controlled the limited Profound Energy she had in her body in order to minimise a portion of the impact however as the disparity of their cultivations as too huge, she was still able to feel the injury on her meridians getting serious by the minute.

A sliver of blood flowed down from one corner of her mouth.

Liu Buyan saw her blood and he recollected his thoughts, gave a cold snort and retracted his Profound Energy.

However the fury on his face did not seem to lessen.

“Women are so superficial. Why are you all only after the looks in a man? Continent’s number one handsome male. What about it? Am I worse off than him? People who think he’s more handsome are really blind! As for Continent’s number one expert. That’s a huge joke! Usually saying how powerful he is, he couldn’t even protect the woman who he loves, can he even be considered as a man?”

As Liu Buyan’s face sunk, he sneered.


When Huang Yueli heard these, she became even more lost. At the same time, the shock in her heart had multiplied several times!

No one knew better than Huang Yueli on the strength between Mu Chengying and Liu Buyan’s friendship.

They were best buddies who were able to leave their entire fortunes and lives in each other’s hands!

There was even a period of time when both of them couldn’t leave one another’s sight. Huang Yueli had even wondered if both of them were in that kind of relationship!

In her previous life, both of them had knew one another for more than twenty years and had always been each other’s most trustable friend. Huang Yueli was very sure that Liu Buyan would be able to help her locate Mu Chengying.

But from the current situation, it looked like…

Why were things so different from what she had imagined??

From Liu Buyan’s reaction, it was definitely not faked and moreover, he had no reason to act in front of a second degree realm young lady like her.

The truth was now right before her towards Mu Chengying, Liu Buyan hated him to the core!

To the extent that he didn’t allow anyone to mention Mu Chengying’s name!

How was this possible??

If it hadn’t been something that she had witnessed with her own eyes, even if Huang Yueli was beaten to death, she wouldn’t believe this would have happened at all!

Mu Chengying and Liu Buyan fell out? Moreover, from such a wonderful relationship, the two friends turned foes? T..Th This what was going on? She completely could not comprehend!

Liu Buyan intentionally restrained his imposing grandeur, just in case he jolted Huang Yueli to death accidentally.

But the anger within had not dissipated.

He took a few steps forward and had completed stuck himself to the side of the bathtub. He lowered his head and looked at Huang Yueli’s eyes.

Huang Yueli took a towel with the intention to cover herself but as the towel was not big, she felt that her movements would lead to her being exposed instead.

Just as she was hesitating, she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her chin.

Liu Buyan stretched his hand and pinched her chin, using that infuriated handsome face, he inched towards her pale delicate face as his gaze locked in on her eyes.

“Little lass, I think you’re intentionally acting ignorant with the intention to anger me right?”