Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 672

Chapter 672 The Greatest Fortune Amidst The Misfortune

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Huang Yueli’s eyes grew wide as she felt the strength gripping on her chin becoming stronger, as though it was going to break her chin into fragments. Her face contorted in pain.

“No I didn’t mean it in that way Liu..Divine Doctor, why would you think in this way?”

“You dare to say you didn’t!”

Liu Buyan’s voice instantly became colder than usual, “Who in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent doesn’t know that it is a taboo to mention that person’s name in my face! Whoever dares to mention about him in front of me is simply looking for death! For so many years, no one had dared to do what you did, purposely mentioning him in front of me, and you dare to say that you’re not provoking me??”

“Ah? Ughh this this I really didn’t know…”

Huang Yueli’s heart skipped, simply unable to believe her ears.

Judging from what Liu Buyan meant was that he and Mu Chengying had turned from friends to foes and it had already been in such a state for ten over years?

Didn’t that meant that these two had completely fallen out with one another and became enemies not long after she died in the Northern Ice Fields?

What on earth had happened? She recalled that one month before her death, she had still seen Liu Buyan and Mu Chengying drinking together and at that time, both of them behaved like they were best buddies?

Subsequently. What happened?

Huang Yueli felt that herself was innocent as she didn’t know what had happened? How would she know that such good buddies like them would mutually fall out with each other to the extent that Liu Buyan did not even want to hear Mu Chengying’s name!

It’s all over, would Liu Buyan harm her on impulse? Her injury. had finally got a little better!

However, Huang Yueli was still fortunate.

Luckily she was overly concerned earlier and had not revealed her status at the first moment.

Otherwise if Liu Buyan had found out that she was the reincarnation of Huang Yueli, then.. she would get into deep trouble!

In the past when Liu Buyan and Mu Chengying were close, she was the sister-in-law. But after both of them had fallen out, she guessed that in Liu Buyan’s eyes, she had become the enemy’s woman!

Using the enemy’s woman to exact revenge was commonly seen and if things turned bad, she might even lose her little life here.

Now that Liu Buyan doesn’t know her real identity, he probably wouldn’t kill her.

After all, she was a patient whom he had accepted for treatment and if she died at his turf before she was fully cured, it would be damaging to his reputation.

Liu Buyan was extremely concerned regarding matters which would affect his reputation on medical skills.

As expected, Liu Buyan stared daggers at her for some time and before he crushed her chin, he snorted eventually, released his grip and ditched her!

Huang Yueli’s head turned to one side and coughed nonstop, feeling the blood in her chest gushing up. Obviously, she had sustained a sizable internal injury.

Who on earth did she offend? Before her old injury was healed, she sustained a new one!

Liu Buyan saw her suffering and a sense of guilt flashed past his eyes. But very quickly, he hid his emotions.

His chilly glare fell onto her as his voice appeared cold and emotionless, “I don’t care if you really didn’t know or pretending not to know! If I were to hear you mention his name once more… I absolutely have a thousand ways to let you remain alive.. but to suffer ten thousand times more than you’re dead! You better mark my words well!”

Saying that, Liu Buyan resolutely turned his head and with big strides, he slammed his way out of the door!