Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 673

Chapter 673 Luring The Tiger Down The Mountain

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Huang Yueli held her qi and blood raging chest as she looked at Liu Buyan’s leaving back, her mind still in puzzlement.

No matter how she thought about the matter between Mu Chengying and Liu Buyan, she couldn’t figure it out.

However, today’s matter also gave her a reminder.

It was not possible for her to use her past life’s experience to judge the current Soaring Heavens Continent’s powerhouse distribution and interpersonal relationships.

After all, in the fourteen year interval, the number of things that had changed. were just too much!

Even the friendship between Mu Chengying and Liu Buyan could change completely, then as compared to the relationship between the various Sects and powerhouses, the changes in these would be much easier.

If she had intended to rely on her past life’s experience, then she would ultimately suffer a setback.

As for today, her luck was considered alright. It was just out of some concerns that she did not reveal her identity and since Liu Buyan didn’t show any intentions to kill, she was able to escape the calamity.

If it had been anyone else, perhaps that person wouldn’t be that lucky.

Huang Yueli sat in the bathtub until the water had turned chilly. She had just adjusted her internal breath and standing up, she dried herself and wore her outer clothes.

As she had been injured by Liu Buyan’s earth attributed Profound Energy, Huang Yueli was depleted of energy and the minute she laid back on the bed, she drowsed to sleep not long after.

Right at the moment before she fell asleep, Huang Yueli’s mind suddenly flashed a thought.

Fourteen years, everything had changed..

In that case, had Mu Chengying’s feelings towards her. changed as well?


Three days passed by with a flash.

North East Section of Sky Cloud City, Li Moying’s Sect.

Mo Yi was sitting in the guestroom as the feeling of uneasiness grew.

It had been three days since he rushed back to the Sect from South Yue Kingdom.

But Li Moying had not once ordered to see him, and he because he was worried that he would disturb his Master’s closed door cultivation, so he did not disturb him at all.

Initially he was confused by Murong Fei’s saying, feeling that what she said made some sense.

But after a few days, Mo Yi reiterated his thinking and felt that something was wrong.

He had returned for so long and Li Moying had always been in closed door cultivation at the rear mountain. Not once did he leave , not to mention meeting with any danger. Everyone in the Sect knew about this so there was no way to fabricate this.

Since Li Moying was in closed door cultivation, not able to make anytime to meet with him, then what was the reason for asking him to return?

The most puzzling thing was the letter from the swan goose mentioned that Li Moying had met with an unsolvable danger so all the Shadow Guards were to be recalled back, otherwise he would not be able to solve this trouble!

But Mo Yi realised that the only Shadow Guard who had rushed back seemed to be only him!

For such a long time, he had not seen a second Shadow Guard appear in the Sect!

Now that things were so queer, Mo Yi couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

He reckoned over and over again and a shocking guess appeared in his mind.

That was, Li Moying did not actually send him any letter for him to rush back to the Sect. The swan goose letter that he received could have been fake!

If it wasn’t for this case, there was simply to way to explain the various doubts which had occurred.

But if this was the truth, what was the motive in sending him this letter?

Once Mo Yi started to think towards this direction, his heart turned terrified instantly.

Because his main duty in South Yue Kingdom was to protect Hunang Yueli. Then the motive in luring the tiger down the mountain was naturally.. to act towards Huang Yueli!