Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 674

Chapter 674 Thousand Death Cannot Absolve Him From The Blame

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When Mo Yi thought of this, the sweat beads on his forehead started sprouting like crazy as his heart turned icy cold!

How could he have been so silly and didn’t realised at that point that someone would have falsified Li Moying’s command to transfer him away to harm his future Mistress?

If his guess was right, then wouldn’t Huang Yueli be in grave danger!

Huang Yueli was just a second degree realm practitioner and she had no expert bodyguards protecting her. And the only people who could possibly knew about Mo Yi’s identity could only be Li Moying’s enemies and their power were definitely extraordinary.

In comparison, Huang Yueli was just a little lamb who lack the ability to resist.

As long as Mo Yi had left, she would become a piece of fatty meat, waiting for others to divide up!

The more Mo Yi though, the more terror curdled his blood. Very soon, the back of his shirt was drenched in sweat.

Things have really taken a bad turn, he had fallen into someone’s scheme to return to the Sect and that was equivalent to exposing Huang Yueli to the enemy, and. she was being exposed without any form of defense!

The worse thing of all was that he had only realised this only now.

He had spent three days travelling back and subsequently he was sent to the guest room to rest for another three days. All in all. It had been a total of six days!

For a practitioner to kill someone, under the circumstances of disparity of power, one would only require a few breaths to kill. Six days was enough for Huang Yueli to be killed a hundred and eighty times!

Now, there was a ninety percent chance that Huang Yueli had already met with an evil scheme!

Thinking of this, Mo Yi’s heart was filled with guilt as he couldn’t wait to use his live to atone for his mistake!

No one knew more clearly than him on how important Huang Yueli was to Li Moying.

That aloof and emotionless Master of his had usually not paid any attention to any woman and for the first time in his life, he had been touched by a lady and for the very first time, he put down his status and wooed her. Even after she had repeatedly rejected him, he didn’t show any signs of unpleasantness.

In front of Huang Yueli, Li Moying seemed to have changed into another person.

He was no longer that aloof peerless genius who was illness-ridden and had been bullied from young.

But he had changed into a living person filled with human emotions and he was willing to open up his heart and accept the people in this world!

After getting to know Huang Yueli for over a month, the number of times that Li Moying had smiled was much more than the total number that he had smiled over the past twenty years!

Mo Yi couldn’t imagine if Huang Yueli were to be murdered and this news reached Li Moying’s ears, what would his reaction be?

He..would be so upset and heart broken!

From Mo Yi’s understanding of his Master, Li Moying might even go into Qi Deviation on the spot!

Adding on to the destructive power when his illness happens, by then, perhaps the entire South Yue Kingdom would be buried as a funerary object for Huang Yueli!

As Mo Yi thought, he started to shiver uncontrollably.

He suddenly stood up from the chair and using his footworks, he used the fastest speed he would muster and sped towards the rear mountain!

He knew that even if he were to die a thousand deaths, it would not be able to make up for the mistake that he had made. He also knew that he had no face to appear before his Master.

But he must make use of this time to inform Li Moying of this news!

No matter what, it was already too late. But what if. what if matters had not been what he thought of?

What if based on his future Mistress’s wit, she had really managed to last till now?

Mo Yi was very sure that there was one in a thousand possibility that Huang Yueli was still alive.

In that case, Li Moying would not give up on this vague hope and he would definitely rush back to South Yue Kingdom to save her!