Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 675

Chapter 675 Say Ugly Words Beforehand

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Mo Yi’s silhouette flew at a great speed in the Sect.

With his protector token, he gained entry into the front and mid mountain pathway. Those outer disciples didn’t dare to stop him at all.

But once he had entered a majestic stone door outside the rear mountain, he was stopped by someone.

Mo Yi’s face was filled with anxiety as he flashed his identity token.

“Senior Brothers, please let me pass. I am the commander of the Shadow Guards under Young Sect Master and I have extremely pressing matters which I must tell the Young Sect Master. As the matter is very urgent, I’m unable to tell you more so please let me pass!”

As he was saying, his footsteps didn’t slow down as he attempted to rush through the stone door.

However, the few disciples guarding the door refused to budge and stood in one line as they block his way.

“Ai ai ai, wait, wait! Senior Brother Mo Yi, don’t be in such a rush!”

“Yes, the rear mountain is where our Sect’s direct disciples are in closed door cultivation. Sect Master has ordered that no one is allowed to enter and disturb their training!”

“Right, Senior Brother Mo Yi, you’ve just rushed back from outside so you’re probably not aware right? In another twenty days, our Sect will be having a tournament with several West Sky Region’s Sects and this is the main event for our Sect! If those West Sky Region’s trash were to successfully defeat us, then in the next few thousand years, our Sect will not be able to raise our heads in front of them!”

“That’s right, that’s right! Senior Brother Mo Yi, it wouldn’t be good to disturb Young Sect Master at this point of time, right?”

Mo Yi grew more flustered as he replied, “Yes I know what you all mean! But my matter is extremely pressing and must immediately report to Young Sect Master!”

He was so flustered as though his butt was on fire as his forehead was filled with sweat.

However, the disciples guarding the door still refused to budge and all of them had a perplexed expression on their faces.

“Aiyo, Senior Brother Mo Yi, please don’t make things difficult for us..”

“Yes, Sect Master had already set strict orders that we’re not allowed to let anyone go and disturb Young Sect Master and the others. If we were to let you through, Sect Master would definitely blame us for it and we’re not able to handle the blame!”

“Yes, Senior Brother Mo Yi, you’re one of the trusted aides beside Young Sect Master so you have him to cover you. So Sect Master will definitely forgive you but for us, the ordinary disciples, we have no one to protect us so we’re not able to take up this responsibility!”

All of them gave their opinions and were resolute in their rejection.

Mo Yi knew that they were only doing their job and this matter was actually not their fault, nor should they be blamed.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that the matter that he wanted to report was regarding Huang Yueli’s life and death, Mo Yi also wouldn’t want to make things difficult for them.

He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

“In this case, I won’t make things difficult for you. Would Senior Brothers please kindly help me pass a message to Young Sect Master. If Young Sect Master wishes to meet me, then it wouldn’t be your responsibility. If he’s not willing, I also won’t make things difficult for you all.” Mo Yi settled for the next best decision as he spoke.

“This..” the few of them hesitated.

Mo Yi hurriedly brought out some concealed weapons and handed it over to them.

Those concealed weapons were all fourth grade Profound Armaments and had been pushed into his hands by Huang Yueli. Although those were delicate items and it could only be used just once, but the power was extremely huge and.. it was not something that these ordinary inner disciples could afford.

When the few of them saw these Profound Armaments, their eyes shone as they didn’t hesitate any longer.

“Alright then, your brother here will help you pass on your message. But I’ll say the ugly words beforehand, if Young Sect Master is not willing to meet you, you will have to leave the rear mountain immediately otherwise we will report this to the Sect Master!”