Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Do You Think Im Blind?

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Mo Yi hurriedly nodded, “It should be done so, exactly like this!”

He was very sure that once Li Moying hears of his request to meet him, he would definitely linked it to Huang Yueli getting into trouble and would meet up with him.

Perhaps, Li Moying would not even continue to stay there for even a breath’s time and rush out to question him!

So as long as these disciples guarding the door were willing to help him pass the message, he had nothing to worry about.

The few of the disciples discussed and sent out one of them who turned and entered the stone door.

Mo Yi had just heaved a sigh of relief but at the very next moment, a voice raised unexpectedly.

“The few of you. what are you doing??”

Hearing that voice, everyone froze in mid air and the movements in their hands stopped and a terrified expression hung across their faces as they turned around.

“First First Young Miss!” the leader of the guards shouted out her identity.

Everyone’s feel turned to jelly as they knelt onto the ground.

Murong Fei was dressed in a light purple long tailed long skirt as she gradually approached them in a swaying manner and beside her were four serving maids. In each serving maid’s hand was a large serving tray made out of white sandalwood and on were several exquisite porcelain bowls, where a wonderful fragrance whiffed out from the bowls.

Mo Yi’s expression changed as he lowered his head to pay his respects.

Murong Fei had a cold expression on her face as she swept her glance around everyone. Wherever her glance fell onto, that cold glare had already scared the door guarding disciples until they were trembling nonstop.

“You all who can tell me what were you all saying earlier? And what were you doing? Hmm?”

Her voice was chilly as it bore an might and icy intent.

The commander of the guards had long been scared out of his wits but he could not afford to not answer her.

“First. First Young Miss, earlier this Senior Brother Mo Yi said he would like to meet with Young Sect Master and he had extremely pressing matters to report. But But, as what you had mentioned earlier, Sect Master had requested all the direct disciples to go into closed door cultivation in the rear mountain and besides you, no one was allowed to visit. So so we were advising Senior Brother Mo Yi to leave!”

His words had pushed all the blame onto Mo Yi.

The few of them were responsible disciples and it had been because of Mo Yi’s gibberish. As for them, they have no wrongdoing and attempted to cover up this matter.

However, Murong Fei gave a cold snort.

“Do you think I’m blind? Earlier, Mo Yi took out some stuff to bribe you, did you think I didn’t see it? Still not going to hand it up!”

All of them knew they were unable to hide things any further and hurriedly took out the Profound Armaments that they had kept.

“Fourth tier concealed weapons. Not bad. Mo Yi, you’re really Senior Brother’s right hand man, you’re so generous! As for the rest of you, it’s against the Sect regulations to accept bribes!”

Murong Fei snorted, “Today after your duty is up, all of you must go to the punishment hall and receive twelve whips! If I were to see this again, don’t blame me for being merciless and drive you out of the Sect!”

The disciples guarding the door were scared out of their wits and they didn’t even dare to beg for mercy as all of them kowtowed to accept their punishment.

Murong Fei didn’t bother about them but turned her glare to Mo Yi.

“Mo Yi, I have told you before that Senior Brother is currently in closed door cultivation and no one is allowed to disturb! You actually dared to come to the rear mountain behind my back, attempting to interrupt Senior Brother’s cultivation! You dare to agree overtly but oppose in secret on purpose! What ill intentions do you have for planning such a thing!”