Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 677

Chapter 677 He Really Cared About Her

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Mo Yi realised the situation and hurriedly tried to explain, “First Young Miss, things are not what you think it is. If possible, I would definitely not interrupt Master’s cultivation but I really have extremely urgent matters and must meet with Master..”


Murong Fei was filled with disdain as she snorted, “Extremely urgent matters? Just how urgent was it? Can it be as urgent when compared to the tournament with the West Sky Region?”

“It really is that urgent! To Master, this matter may be even more important than the tournament!” Mo Yi replied, “First Young Miss, I only need a quarter of an hour, so please try to help..”


Before Mo Yi had completed his sentence, Murong Fei rejected his request.

“Not to mention a quarter of an hour, even if it was a breath’s time, Senior Brother is not able to waste this!”

“First Young Miss, our Master would definitely want first-hand information on this news. IF my Master finds out that you’re obstructing me from informing him, he will definitely not be happy with you!”

“Ai, using Senior Brother to suppress me?” Murong Fei swept him one glance, “Since that’s the case, whatever pressing matter you have, you can tell me directly! If the matter that you say has been ascertained by me that it really is a pressing matter, then I am also not someone who is unreasonable, so just say it out!”

Murong Fei stared at Mo Yi as she displayed a ‘I’m all ears’ look.

“This matter is..”

Mo Yi had just started off and as the words came to his mouth, it suddenly halted.

The fact that Li Moying had got to know of a young lady in the South Yue Kingdom and had unfathomably gotten engaged with her. If this matter were to be told, it was very difficult for anyone to believe it.

Plus the fact that he had been tricked and someone was intending to harm Huang Yueli were just his own conjecture and with no actual evidence, it wouldn’t even more absurd!

Even if others were to believe what he said, but in the eyes of the high and mighty geniuses in the Sect, Huang Yueli was just a second degree realm practitioner and her birth was just from a small country, so she wasn’t compatible to be with Li Moying at all.

So what if she died, was it a big matter?

For those kind of people, Li Moying’s closed door cultivation was considered as a big matter.

Even if he were to say these out, no one would think his matter was pressing.

Besides that, the more important thing was before this First Young Miss Murong, she was one of the favoured ladies who tried to woo Li Moying. If she found out that Li Moying already had a sweetheart on his mind, not only would she not help Huang Yueli, she might even harm her instead!

Mo Yi reacted just in time and took a deep breath as he swallowed the words back.

“First Young Miss, please forgive me. The matter that I am going to report is confidential and Master had specially instructed that I cannot leak things out. So I must meet with my Master before I can reveal it.”

Murong Fei’s eyes turned chilly as she heard his explanation!

What Mo Yi was trying to conceal was something that she was very clear about!

He was worried that she would find out that Li Moying has a fiance!

She had never thought that even the number one Shadow Guard beside Li Moying would protect that lass to this extent. After realising that she might have met with danger, he had rushed over anxiously.

This had also verified what Murong Ni told her before Senior Brother really cared about this country lass very much!

Luckily she had made a prompt decision and acted beforehand to kill that young lass in the southern region.

Murong Fei narrowed her eyes and shouted loudly, “Men, Mo Yi and West Sky Region’s Sects have collaborated and is attempting to interrupt our Senior Brothers closed door cultivation, harbouring evil intentions! Quickly take him down and lock him up in the water prison!”