Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 678

Chapter 678 Li Moyings Thunder Domain

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Mo Yi gasped in shock.

“First Young Miss.. you’re mistaken! I. I really did not intentionally interrupt Master’s closed door cultivation. You’re really mistaken!”

Murong Fei had sent someone to keep a close eye on where Mo Yi was staying and it was through one of their reporting that she found out he had come to look for Li Moying at the rear mountain and specially came forward to stop him.

Murong Fei came prepared as she brought along several fifth degree realm inner disciples with her.

Mo Yi was unable to defeat so many people alone and he really didn’t want to hurt his fellow disciples so very quickly, he lost his opportunity.

The few inner disciples went forward and tied him up.

Mo Yi couldn’t believe that Murong Fei would actually capture him!

As the Sect Master’s daughter, Murong Fei had been living under the guise as an angel in the Sect. Besides that, she was very apt at pretending to be gentle and amicable, especially towards Li Moying’s subordinates. So every single time, she would inquire after their welfare, acting like she is their Mistress.

So before today, Mo Yi’s impression of her wasn’t too bad at all and he had never expected Murong Fei to use such extreme ways to prevent him from meeting Li Moying!

“First Young Miss..” he tried to explain again.

But Murong Fei waved her hand impatiently, “You dare to defy Sect Master’s commands and now even trying to deny! Seems that you’re really not going to weep until you see the coffin! What are you guys standing there for? Still not going to bring him away!”

The few of them responded and dragged Mo Yi away.

Murong Fei’s face displayed a smile.

In actual fact, she had thought that after these six to seven days’ duration, Huang Yueli was definitely dead by now.

The reason why she was doing this was out of prudence.

Only she didn’t know what Zuo Fangping was doing at all? After he had killed that slut, he still hadn’t came back to report and not knowing where he had wandered off to, till today, he had yet to return to the Sect..

Men, they’re really unpredictable!

Although Murong Fei was filled with discontent, but she didn’t give any further thought to it.

From what she felt, for Zuo Fangping to go after a second degree realm lass, naturally there shouldn’t be any accidents.

Murong Fei turned back and indicated the four serving maids to follow up to her pace and after that, she walked towards the rear mountain.

Li Moying was still alone, quietly sitting in front of the cliff at Heaven Crate Valley practicing his swordplay.

During his cultivation, the surrounding ten miles at the rear mountain was filled with thunder attributed Profound Energy and as if it was attracted by his internal Profound Energy, various fluctuations and lighting were seen flashing in the sky, painting a large domain of the read mountain into a dangerous thunder domain.

This was Li Moying’s domain.

Those who had not been given permission to enter were all injured by lightning and as for those whose cultivation levels were slightly worse off, the minute they stepped into the boundary of the thunder domain, they would be turned into scorched corpse on the spot!

Li Moying quietly sat there as thunder rays could been seen indistinctly around him, casting a blue-purplish ray on his handsome face. This made him seem even powerful and mysterious.

Murong Fei was just several hundred meters away from him before she felt her body not being able to take the pressure, unable to take another step forward.

“Senior Brother..” she called out in a low tone.

Li Moying’s eyes suddenly opened and his eyes flashed a purple streak of lightning. That glance was extremely terrifying, causing Murong Fei to shudder uncontrollably.

“It’s you.”

Li Moying spoke icily, unable to tell the emotions in his tone.