Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 679

Chapter 679 Breakthrough To Seventh Degree Realm

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Murong Fei was intimidated by his surrounding vigor and her heartbeat almost stopped. It was with great difficult that she regained her senses as she hastily said, “Yes, Senior Brother, I heard from Master that you’ve already been in seclusion in Heaven Crate Valley for ten days. During this time, you didn’t sleep nor rest and I’m worried that your body would not be able to take it..”

Li Moying’s glare was cold as he replied indifferently, “No matter. Since the tournament dare is nearing, I don’t have much time to waste.”

“But suitable rest time is necessary!” Murong Fei advised: “Senior Brother, I’ve brought along some medicinal cuisines which would be able to help in establishing your primordial spirit and replenish your Profound Energy, something which I had started brewing three days ago. Just rest for two hours or so and have something to eat, which will yield better results in your cultivation!”

Saying that, she personally took the tray and walked over.

Murong Fei put the dishes on the side of a stone table and using her delicate hand which was applied with cinnabar, she lifted the spoon and cooled the medicinal cuisine into a bowl.

As the South Sky Region’s number one beauty and favoured lady Murong Fei, she had numerous suitors and even though many peerless geniuses pursued her endlessly, they were unable to make her threw a glance at them.

But now, she had put down her status and like an ordinary serving maid, she personally served Li Moying his meals.

If it had been any other men, the satisfaction in their inner hearts would probably have reached the peak and would have fainted from happiness long ago.

However, Li Moying’s expression still remained indifferent.

He didn’t receive the bowl which Murong Fei had passed to him but looked behind her back as he questioned, “I have been practicing my swordplay. for ten days already?”

“That’s right, senior Brother. My father and the Sect’s junior brothers and junior sisters are all worried about you, concerned that you may forget to rest and eat, thus affecting your condition! We wondered if Senior Brother had gotten some comprehension from this round’s swordplay?”

Li Moying absentmindedly replied, “I have naturally comprehended something out of this. This time, I had understood all of the sword markings left by the forebears and realised that I had broken through the last level of bottleneck. Within three days’ time, I would be able to breakthrough to the seventh degree realm!”

“Sev. Seventh degree realm—!!!”

Murong Fei was so shocked that her eyes widened and her hand subconsciously shivered, almost dropping the porcelain bowl in her hand!

Seventh degree realm! Li Moying was going to advance to the seventh degree realm!

How was this possible? He was just twenty years old!

Even though Li Moying was known as the number one genius in the South Sky Region and since young, every advancement he made had left everyone shocked beyond words.

But this was simply atrocious!

A twenty year old seventh degree realm practitioner was unheard of in the entire Soaring Heavens Continents history!

Even the current number one expert in Soaring Heavens Continent, Mu Chengying. He was twenty two years old when he broke through to the seventh degree realm that year and at that time, he had already set the record of the fastest breakthrough in Soaring Heavens Continent history!

As for now?

Li Moying was only twenty years old he was going to break this record to become the youngest seventh degree realm record holder in history?

This didn’t it mean that Li Moying had even more shocking talent than Mu Chengying? And one day, he would have the ability to hold on to the strongest power in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent?

Murong Fei’s heart started pounding madly.

A set of autumn watery eyes flowed onto that handsome face.

The man right before her eyes no matter if it was in terms of looks or power, were all so outstanding, incomparable to anyone else!

Only this man was worthy of her,Murong Fei!