Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 680

Chapter 680 No News On Lier

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Murong Fei became more determined to fulfil the wish to make Li Moying her husband.

She joyously said, “Senior Brother. This is just too wonderful! If my father were to know about this, he would be overjoyed! With your seventh stage realm power, those West Sky Region practitioners are not a match for you. You’d definitely reign in this round’s tournament! Senior Brother you. you’re really marvellous..”

As Murong Fei said these, her face started to flush a tinge of pink.

It was only in front of such a powerful man like Li Moying did she felt that she was a delicate young lady, wishing to rely on that broad chest for protection.

Murong Fei couldn’t help but got a little closer.

Li Moying’s brow subconsciously creased together as he took a step backwards.

“.. Senior Brother?” Murong Fei didn’t expect him to move away from her as she was stunned momentarily and her face expressed a sense of hurt.

For a peerless beauty with such status and innate talent to give out such a pitiful expression, most men would feel remorse.

However, Li Moying looked like he didn’t notice anything as he spoke out, “In these days which I was in close door cultivation, aren’t there any letters delivered to me by the white breasted falcon? Why is it that I had no letters at all?”


Murong Fei heard what he said and her heart thumped.

She had previously intercepted the white breasted falcons which Li Moying had reared and after giving Mo Yi a forged letter, she killed that falcon for fear of the secret being found out.

She thought it was done in top secrecy but she never expected that Li Moying would recall this matter during his closed door cultivation!

She hastily replied, “No, I’ve never seen Senior Brother’s white breasted falcon fly back at all! If it was Senior Brother’s letters, no one in the Sect would dare to intercept it, so why would you not receive it?”

“That’s weird..” Li Moying’s dashing eyebrows creased slightly, “It’s been ten days, how could it be that there’s no news at all?”

Murong Fei’s face turned palely white.

She had been wondering why would Li Moying suddenly ask about a flying magical beast whose only task was to deliver letters!

So he was indeed waiting for news from South Yue Kingdom, for that wretched lass’s letter!

Normally when Li Moying went out for training, he might not return for several months so he won’t even take the extra step to send a letter to the Sect, much less write a letter to her, Murong Fei!

But now? It had been only ten days since he received that lass’s news and Li Moying was already feeling uncomfortable, even actively asking on his own!

Murong Fei was feeling so jealous that her hands were trembling.

However, she didn’t dare expose herself and could only forcefully suppress the anger within her, pretending to be unaware.

“Senior Brother, whose letter are you waiting for? Do you need me to pass down the message that once there is any news of your falcon flying back into the mountains, I’ll let them to report to you immediately?”

Li Moying shook his head, “Forget it, there’s no need!”

He didn’t notice Murong Fei’s strange attitude but had already immersed into his own thoughts.

Why was there no news from his Li’er for such a long time? Surely she couldn’t have gotten into trouble right?

But Li’er had Mo Yi by her side, a practitioner who was at fifth stage realm peak. In a place like South Yue Kingdom, it was absolutely an incredible source of power so basically there shouldn’t be any trouble.

Could it be that that conscienceless lass refused to write him any letters?

That was highly possible. After all, he had written so many letters to Li’er but she had never written back any letters to him personally.