Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 681

Chapter 681 Abduct Lier Back

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All news regarding her would be penned down and sent over by Mo Yi.

Thinking of this, Li Moying became displeased.

This lass. She really had no conscience!

He had noted all of these down in his heart. She dared to treat him in this way. After he had settle the Sect’s matters and finally found her, he would absolutely punish her severely!

At least.. he had to punish her to offer him kisses. At least a hundred times!

Li Moying was still considering in his thoughts as the sides of his lips curled into a smile.

Speaking of this, he had not intended to waste so much time in closed door cultivation in the Sect. He preferred to stay by Huang Yueli’s side and rush back to attend the tournament just a few days before it started.

But after the Sect Master had heard about his engagement in South Yue Kingdom, he had already spoken to him personally once.

The Sect Master was naturally not satisfied with Huang Yueli. A plausible but fallacious sixth grade talent, not of outstanding birth was simply incompatible with him.

Sect Master even suggested for him to consider marrying Murong Fei as his lawful wife and for Huang Yueli to be a concubine instead.

But Li Moying was extremely firm in his stance that if he was unable to marry Huang Yueli as his wife, he would choose to leave the Sect.

In this way, Sect Master had no choice but to give way, telling him that if he were to successfully annihilate the West Sky Regions’ Sects and helped him to establish reputation for their Sect, then he would agree to let Huang Yueli join their Sect and agree to their marriage.

Li Moying didn’t care if the people in the Sect minded or not. As for whether they agree or not, it wasn’t of concern to him.

But as Sect Master Murong had given him a second chance in life, if he was able to get his Master’s blessings, he would feel overjoyed.

And it was just because of this which was why he suppressed the urge to stay beside Huang Yueli, forcing himself to go into close door cultivation at the rear mountain.

Luckily, the tournament was about to start soon and he had only needed to settle the matters here before he could run off to South Yue Kingdom open and aboveboard to abduct that little lass back to the Sect. Thereafter, they would get along day and night, not leaving each other’s sight..

Li Moying had been imagining their intimacy between the both of them as his smile grew deeper.

His usually aloof and cold as ice handsome looks looked like it was snow melting, giving out a gentle expression which made his beautiful facial features add a few ***** charismatic allure.

Murong Fei was stunned by this as her eyes was glued onto Li Moying’s face.

Li Moying noticed her sight and instantly felt displeased.

He didn’t know why whenever Li’er stared at him, he only felt a sense of excitement as his entire body started to become heated, wishing to hold that lass into his embrace, to melt into his blood and bones, to love her dearly.

But if other women’s sight fell onto him, it only made him feel like vomiting!

Li Moying frowned, “Alright, I want to continue with my closed door cultivation, Junior Sister please leave!”

“But Senior Brother…” Murong Fei wanted to add on something.

However, Li Moying had already walked towards the cliff, ignore her existence.

Murong Fei could only turn around and leave in hatred!

She looked at those cuisine which she had painstakingly cooked but yet been touched as her heart wallowed in self-pity and jealousy, throwing those dishes onto the ground in anger!

“That slut, she actually hooked Senior Brother’s heart away! Too bad, no matter how good your foxy skills are, what use is there? Aren’t you just a dead person now!”