Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Rainbow Spirit Crystal

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Little courtyard in the forest.

It had been three days since the medicinal bath incident where Liu Buyan had left in anger.

Huang Yueli started to think that since Liu Buyan was that angry, he might not continue with her treatment, leave her with an existing injury on top of another new injury and chase her out for her to survive on her own!

But the very next day morning, two serving maids appeared on time at her room and not only did they help her with her daily activities, they also prepared the second day’s medicinal bath.

“I didn’t expect this. Although Liu Buyan’s temper had turned strange but his principle towards treatment for patients had not changed at all!”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards as she had no qualms about accepting the pills he had supplied.

Anyway she had already ruffled Liu Buyan’s feathers so no matter how worried she was wouldn’t change anything. So she might as well take it easy.

What she should do now was to get herself healed before she could consider the next step to take.

Just like that, another three days passed. It was until the third day’s afternoon when a serving maid suddenly walked in to report.

“Miss Bai, Master invites you to the courtyard for a while, he’s waiting for you at Variance Blossoms Pavilion!”

“Oh? Really? I thought after he had threw such a huge temper, he wouldn’t want to see me for the rest of his life!”

Huang Yueli stretched her lazy waist as she walked outdoors to look for Liu Buyan.

The courtyard that Liu Buyan had been living in seclusion was not large but the inner structures were extremely exquisite. All the sceneries had been designed meticulously and there were plenty of rare flowers and plants which were not found in South Yue Kingdom planted here. It could be said that for every one step you’d see one scenery, four seasons in a year could be found here and it was extremely beautiful.

Besides that, the entire hill slope at the back of the courtyard was transformed into a medical farm, where many rare and high quality medical herbs were planted.

Any medical plant from the medical farm could be auctioned off in the Sky Emperor City for at a rocket high price!

But Liu Buyan seemed to use these herbs to brew soup daily or to feed his pets..

Such extravagant consumption made Huang Yueli’s eyebrow twitch. He’s worthy of being the Number One Divine Doctor in Soaring Heavens Continent, rich and overbearing, even a spendthrift than her..

Walking to where the serving maid mentioned the location of the Variance Blossoms Pavilion was, Huang Yueli raised her head as she saw Liu Buyan inclined right in front of her, sitting in the Pavilion.

As the gentle breeze blew past, his white robe fluttered. On the exquisite side of his face, a sense of loneliness was revealed.

His eyelids drooped slightly but his vision of sight was aloof as though he was looking at something inside his hand.

“Divine Doctor Liu!”

Huang Yueli called him from afar and walked over.

Liu Buyan stared blankly for a while and his right hand instinctively withdrew and kept the item in his hand into his sleeve.

Huang Yueli was too far away and Liu Buyan’s action was too fast.

So she had only took a glance from afar, not seeing clearly what he had in his hands was. She could only see that item giving out dazzling rainbow rays under the sunlight. That dazzling ray, although was just an instance, had attracted her attention.

In her memory, only one stone had such radiant glow.

Rainbow Spirit Crystal..

This was an extremely rare ninth grade material and in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, there were only seven pieces. Every piece could clearly tell their history.

Rainbow Spirit Crystal’s effect could greatly amplify the recovery rate of one’s Profound Energy and owning one piece of Rainbow Spirit Crystal would ensure the Profound Energy being regenerated. In times of a long battle, it was a magic tool which would determine the winner or loser.