Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Accompany Me For Three Months

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The corners of Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched, feeling that the gratitude that she had earlier had vanished by half.

This really was.. ivory would not sprout from a dog’s mouth!

How was she to reply to this?

However, Liu Buyan didn’t expect her to reply as he continued talking.

After freeloading for so long and wasting so many of my valuable herbs, don’t tell me you’re just intending to take advantage of me? Haven’t you ever considered. How you should repay me?”

“Ugh..” Huang Yueli went into a blank.

To repay a debt naturally was entirely justified.

But when she looked to Liu Buyan in her past life for treatment, she had never paid him any compensation so. subconsciously, she had missed out on this.

It was after Liu Buyan’s reminder that she suddenly recalled that her identity was no longer the same as her past life so naturally Liu Buyan would not let her take advantage of him for nothing.

She hastily added, “Of course I know about this reasoning and I will definitely repay you! But Divine Doctor Liu, you’re the number one Divine Doctor in the Continent. Whatever you want, you’d already have it whereas I’m only a second stage realm practitioner so I really don’t know what compensation I can give you in order to satisfy you? If Divine Doctor Liu, you have anything that you want, please let me know and I’ll send it over with my two hands!”

“Really? That’s great! You have something that I’m interested in!”

Liu Buyan raised his brow and on his charming face, he gave out a lazy smile as his gaze was fixated on Huang Yueli. That expression seemed to be sizing up the item he had in his hands.

Huang Yueli felt uncomfortable by his gaze as she subconsciously took a step backward.

“Divine Doctor Liu, you. please go ahead and speak your mind.”

Liu Buyan sat up straight and looking at her, he opened his mouth and said, “Accompany me for three months!”

“What?” Huang Yueli didn’t expect him to say this and her eyes opened wide.

Liu Buyan ill-intentionally curled the corners of his lips as his smile looked slightly evil.

“Need me to make things clearer? Accompany me for three months. During this period, no matter what I ask you to do, you’re not allowed to reject and you must follow what I tell you to do!”

“But…” Huang Yueli frowned, “Why do you need me to accompany you?”

Liu Buyan gave a soft snigger as he suddenly stood up.

He looked slightly skinny dressed in the white robe when he was sitting down but when he stood up, he revealed a well-built muscular body.

Step by step, he got closer to Huang Yueli, almost to the point of sticking to her before he stopped.

“.. to want you to accompany me, naturally because I have some interest in you. don’t you understand? Are you really that pure? Huh?”

Liu Buyan stuck close to her ear as he blew some air towards her ear lobes, intentionally making things sound extremely ambiguous.

Huang Yueli creased her eyebrows sensitively as she turned her head towards one side.

Liu Buyan held up her chin and continued to tease her, “Why? You’ve already stripped and bathed in front of me so why are you pretending to be reserved now? My meaning you should be very clear isn’t it?”

He purposely said this, thinking that this little lass might just jump in shock the very next moment and treat him like a pervert, flying into a rage out of humiliation!

Or perhaps, she was smitten by his charm and shyly rejecting, not daring to accept his request directly.

However, what was unexpected was..

“There’s no problem.. agreeing to your request, but three months is simply too long. I can only afford to stay here for seven days!”