Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 685

Chapter 685 The First Order

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This time, the person who was in shock was Liu Buyan.

He lowered his head to take a look at Huang Yueli’s expression, which did not reflect the shock or embarrassment which he had anticipated.

On the contrary, her expression was calm and her intonation when she spoke was stable, as though her emotions were not affected by him one bit, and what they were conversing in was something very ordinary.

Liu Buyan frowned as he had mentioned the same request to quite a number of young ladies. But this was the first time that anyone had agreed so readily as though she didn’t worry about her chastity at all!

Upon hearing such a request, normal ladies would understand what he wanted to derive from their bodies so they would hesitate for quite some time before they agree to it.

What on earth was this young lass thinking of?

In fact, Huang Yueli had so readily agreed was naturally due to her own reasoning.

During her past life when she was still alive, Liu Buyan would love to let the ladies around him accompany him for some time. Initially, Huang Yueli viewed his character with disdain, feeling that he was using the treatment as an excuse to coerce the ladies.

Subsequently, after one incident, she realised that Liu Buyan had asked the young lady to stay by his side but he had not done anything scandalous to them, only treating them like a doll, requesting them to dress according to his wishes and thereafter accompanying him to have his meal or engage in a conversation.

Although she did not know why the Number One Divine Doctor would have such a strange hobby, but this was nothing unacceptable.

If it was just acting like a doll which only accompanied to eat or conversed and not sleep together, and yet would be able to repay him for saving her life, then this was just a simple task.

Only three months to her was simply too long.

Liu Buyan frowned as he exclaimed, “Are you joking? Seven days? The gratitude towards you is only worth seven days? I’m telling you, the number of number who wishes to climb onto my bed starts from Northern Ice Fields all the way to Dark Moon Forest. The fact that I’ve chosen you is your honour! You still dare to bargain?”

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched.

The things he said. were really wicked. If she hadn’t known about his character, she would probably had thought he was a big pervert.

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him as she said, “Three months was initially possible but I have something extremely important to do so latest by the end of seven days, I must leave this place. If you are willing, I can use money or Profound Armament or similar items to pay for the remaining time or I can repay back after I have completed my business.”

Liu Buyan inquired, “What business could you possibly have?”

“I must rush to Sky Cloud City within twenty days’ time. The exact reason, I’m sorry for not being able to reveal it. Anyway when time is up, I absolutely must leave!”

Twenty days later was the enrolment date for various academies.

In order to reach Sky Cloud City by foot, judging on her speed, she will need ten over days for the entire journey.

So staying here for seven days was her limit. Otherwise she would not be able to meet with the deadline for Celestial Light Academy’s enrolment.

Liu Buyan stared at her for a moment and finally nodded.

“Alright but in this seven days, you must be available anytime and not defy any of my requests!”

“Alright, it’s a deal!” Huang Yueli nodded.


Once the agreement had been met, Liu Buyan stood up and let go of Huang Yueli.

He turned around and pointed on the set of clothes on the stone table and said to her, “Now, the first order is for you to change into this dress!”