Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 686

Chapter 686 Enchanting To Such An Extent

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Huang Yueli just realised that on the stone table beside Liu Buyan laid an exquisite set of clothing.

That was a sakura coloured puffy sleeved flowing dress. On the hem of the sleeve and skirt were a mix of exquisite embroidery patterns made with golden thread. The layering skirt hems looked like petals from a blooming flower.

Upon seeing this dress, Huang Yueli’s eyes shone!

In her past life, she had been especially fond of the puffy sleeved long flowy dress and almost all of her dresses were of the similar style. She was also the one to lead the trend in this kind of petal hemmed design.

During that time, as a famed peerless beauty in Soaring Heavens Continent who loves this design, it had caused numerous young ladies to follow suit in dressing up like her. Which was why until today, the flowy dress style remained as a display of Soaring Heavens Continent’s female practitioners manifesting their identity.

The more arrogant, self-important and outstanding innate talent that a young lady had, the more she enjoyed dressing up in this manner.

And the dress that Liu Buyan had brought out had exceptionally exquisite embroidery with fine workmanship. So even a young lady like Huang Yueli who had high expectations instantly fell in love with this.

She delightfully took over the dress and replied, “No problem! I’ll go back and change right now, just you wait!” And she ran off back to her room in high spirits.

Initially she was still worried if Liu Buyan’s aesthetic appreciate would be too exotic.

If he had made her dress up like a laughable country girl, then her reputation as the Continent’s Number One Armament Master would be throw away cleanly.

But now this job was so easy. She only needed to accompany him to eat and chat and there’s also such a beautiful dress to wear, so it was simply too simple and too worthwhile, okay!

Huang Yueli quickly changed her clothes and returned to the pavilion.

Liu Buyan had been waiting in the pavilion. A jug of wine and two wine glass appeared on the stone table and he held up his glass, pouring and drinking by himself.

When he heard her approaching, Liu Buyan turned around.

The next second, his eyes opened wide and his gaze was filled with unconcealable admiration! He was totally mesmerized!

The young lady before his eyes was dressed in a flowing cloud like dress, sakura colour complemented her fair skin which made it look even more tender, as though a slight pinch would make water flow out.

The layers on the long dress flowed downwards like blooming petals. When she moved with quick, light steps, the layers of hem would sway along, moving up and down. Reflecting against the rays of the sunset, she looked so beautiful like an angel who had mistakenly descended into the mortal land.

Liu Buyan’s eyes were fixated on her.

“Cough cough, do I really look so mesmerizing?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled as she couldn’t help but feel delighted.

Although Liu Buyan wasn’t the type of men who she liked, but to be able to mesmerize such a handsome man till his eyes was unable to move away, it was some sort of achievement.

Liu Buyan finally found his senses and with a light cough, “Just so so, I guess. Compared compared to that person, you still got a long way to go!”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes, not seemingly hearing him clearly.

“Who? Who am I still far away from?”

Liu Buyan replied, “Nothing, you heard wrongly!”

Huang Yueli: “….”

She really heard Liu Buyan said something but why did he change his words in a blink of an eye and not admit what he said? Something smelled fishy..

Liu Buyan stared at her a little longer and took out a jade hairpin from his sleeve.

Huang Yueli looked closely and found that this jade hairpin’s design showing a phoenix extending its wings. The carving was remarkably imitated to perfection and on the position of the phoenix’s eyes, inlaid a Rainbow Spirit Crystal.

Compared to her previous life’s bracelet, this Rainbow Spirit Crystal was naturally much smaller.

But just this small piece of jewel was already enough to purchase seventeen or eighteen small countries.