Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Number One Beautys Charm

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Liu Buyan stared intently at the young lady in front of him and felt his heart pounding wildly. Many many years ago, that indescribable feeling when he met that young lady started surging back into him.

Too alike..

Really… too alike..

Even though the young lady in front of him wasn’t particularly beautiful and as compared to that gorgeous, peerless beauty in his memory, she was just too ordinary and their looks were not alike in any sense.

But the temperament in the both of them were indeed very alike.

That person and her were the same, they were both suitable to wear the similar styled dress..

That person and her were the same, under the reflection of the Rainbow Spirit Crystal, their charm became even more mesmerizing..

Even the posture on how she tie up their hair, was so similar to that person..

The person in his memory had on numerous times, casually took a hairpin and easily tied her hair up in a few moves after a battle. Her fine black hair had been transformed easily into a fresh and charming style.

For that one moment, Liu Buyan had thought that the person right before his eyes was that person whom he had known more than a decade ago, the one whose fame was known throughout the entire Soaring Heavens Continent’s number one Armament Master, number one beauty Huang Yueli!

“Divine Doctor Liu, Divine Doctor Liu, what are you thinking about?” Huang Yueli interrupted his thoughts.

Originally, she didn’t mind such a peerless handsome man to be smitten with her.

But after some time, she felt something was wrong and the way Liu Buyan looked at her was really weird, as though he was going to see through her!

Surely he couldn’t be thinking of something filthy right?

Upon hearing Huang Yueli’s voice, Liu Buyan snapped out of his thoughts.

“Oh. Nothing. I was just saying. the jade hairpin on you looks barely manageable.” Liu Buyan gave an evil smile, trying to hide his shock and said unforgivingly.

He. what was he thinking about earlier?

Huang Yueli was already dead, dead!

Not only was she dead, even her soul had completely vanished. Forever and ever, she would never appear again.

The little lass in front of him, was indeed someone whom he had seen in so many years, most alike to Huang Yueli.

For many years, he had lots of beauties accompany him and every single one had a certain part which resembled the Huang Yueli he remembered over a decade ago. For example some were the eyes, others were mouth, and some others were her figure..

As long as there was something similar, he would think of ways to make that person stay and accompany him for a period of time.

Only, although those people resembled her, but they were unable to display Huang Yueli’s indescribable temperament. She was just that extraordinary and no one even had one percent of her charm.

Only this young lass in front of him. She obviously didn’t look like her but she was able to display eighty percent of the number one beauty’s charm.

Liu Buyan sighed gently as he showed signs of melancholy.

However no matter how alike she was, it was only a resemblance.

He really. shouldn’t be captivated by just a mere illusionary delusion.

Huang Yueli was ridiculed by him and momentarily felt discontented as she rolled her eyes at him and said, “Barely manageable! Then why did you stare at me for half a day for! Tsk, such duplicity!”

Liu Buyan retorted, “I think. Aren’t you too narcissi? I’m only looking at the jade hairpin that I carved myself. As for you, you’re just a mannequin that is displaying my jade hairpin only, what’s there for me to look at?”

Huang Yueli’s face turned green.

This was an insult, absolutely a naked insult!

She pouted her lips and replied, “I really can’t tell, you actually know how to carve! And your carving is so.. you’ve spent quite an effort isn’t it? Could it be that you’re preparing to give this present to the girl of your dreams?”