Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 689

Chapter 689 Is There A Lady Whom You Like

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Huang Yueli’s original intent was to poke fun at him. Since he already had someone whom he liked, he still dared to stare at the other ladies! This was considered as emotional extramarital affair!

But who knew, when Liu Buyan heard what she said, his face sank immediately as his gaze turned cold.

“Regarding my matters.. you better not ask too much! According to our agreement, you only need to listen to my requests obediently! If I were to hear such questions again, be careful that I chop you up into minced meat to fertilise my backyard’s medical farm!”

He abruptly had a change of attitude. Earlier that wicked smile was still hanging on his lips but now his lips were tightly pursed together and the tone that he used was also filled with a stern attitude from someone who had assumed a top position.

Huang Yueli was slightly surprised and with an “Oh” sound with a frightened expression and she stopped asking further.

However, although she didn’t say anything, she was suspicious within her heart.

Speaking of this, to carve a jade hairpin by hand, it was definitely to give to a lady so does that mean Liu Buyan really had a lady that he liked?

But in her previous life, she didn’t seemed to have heard him mentioning about such a person, so could she have sprouted out in the past decade? What sort of person was she?

The amount of women who surrounded Liu Buyan were numerous and although he was all smiles with them, but in actual fact, he didn’t fancy anyone at all! To be able to be fancied by Liu Buyan, even to the extent of him carving a jewellery piece for her, what sort of person was she?

To tell the truth, she was really a little. no, extremely curious!

Only, now it seemed impossible to ask the question.


In the far end of the Sect, on the path of the rear mountain.

A team of guards were escorting Mo Yi along the mountain path, towards the direction of the water prison.

However, these inner disciples had tied up his hands and were not rough with him.

As the inner discipled were merely one to two hundred people and Mo Yi was one of them. As everyone were met frequently so they had some sort of friendly relationship.

Besides that, Mo Yi was also Young Sect Master’s trusted aide, so there’s no guarantee that when the Young Sect Master became the Sect Master, he might become the Sect’s important elder. So for such a person, not many were willing to offend him.

The only problem was as this was Eldest Young Miss’ order, so they didn’t dare not to disobey.

Those disciples who were more familiar to Mo Yi couldn’t help but advised, “Senior Brother Mo Yi, look at yourself, what are you tormenting yourself for! Since Eldest Young Miss doesn’t allow you to enter the rear mountain, then don’t go! Why go against her? Once you’ve gone into the water prison, the water inside are water underground which had been frozen for a thousand years. If you’re inside for too long, it will hurt your meridians and affect your cultivation! It’s simply not worth it!”

Mo Yi heave a big sigh and replied, “You guys don’t understand. I really have a very important matter and if Master comes out of closed door and finds out that I didn’t report to him on time, he will fly into a rage!”

Really? What matter could it be that is more important that the West Sky Region Sect’s tournament?”

“Yes you’re didn’t deliberately not report this but you were stopped by Eldest Young Miss. So just push the blame to her because this wasn’t your fault in the first place! Young Sect Master trusts you so much so he won’t put the blame on you!”

The crowd started giving words of advice of their own.

Mo Yi shook his head and didn’t rebuke them, as though he was convinced by them.

Mo Yi’s cultivation was much higher by the rest of them by several times and they had barely won by numbers. So in the beginning, everyone guarded against him.

But after walking such a long distance, Mo Yi didn’t seem to show any signs of resistance and even started to chat with them so everyone started to let down their guard.