Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 690

Chapter 690 The Might Of Thunder And Lightning

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Everyone believed that Mo Yi had always been loyal to the Sect and would quietly accept the punishment that Eldest Young Miss had meted out, not daring to resist.

In this way, some inner disciples had let down their guard and their minds gradually wandered off.

Mo Yi had been silently observing the performance of the team which was escorting him and found a number of them were rather relaxed. He winced his eyes and once a few of them walked past a corner, he rose in revolt suddenly!

He retrieved two pieces of Thunder Flame Balls and smog bombs which Huang Yueli had passed to him some time ago and threw it among the crowd, taking them by surprise.

“Damn it! What’s the situation, something caught fire?”

“Oh my god, why can’t I see clearly! Everyone take caution and don’t beat up our own people!”

No one had expected that an explosion would happened right next to them and because the effect of Huang Yueli’s smog bomb was so great that several layers were superimposed together and instantly, thick smoke covered the surroundings and it was practically impossible to see clearly each person’s position.

In the midst of the confusion, Mo Yi used his Soaring Heavens sword to cut loose the ropes, took the opportunity when everyone were running about everywhere and extended his fastest speed to escape.

He didn’t have much time. Once the smog dissipated, they would discovered that he had escaped.

By then, this would had been reported to Murong Fei and she would definitely find a chance to capture him again. What’s more, she would have figured out that he would have gone to look for Li Moying and would set up enough people to patrol around the rear mountain. In this way, he would not even hope to see a glimpse of Li Moying!

This was why Mo Yi didn’t waste any time and on the first moment, he ran towards the rear mountain.

This time, he didn’t dare to enter from the main door, but choose to sneak in via the small path in the middle of the mountain.

Mo Yi knew that the location which Li Moying had his closed door cultivation would always be at the sword cliff at Heaven Crate Valley so he ran towards that direction directly.

However, the rear mountain was filled with various mechanisms. He had only ran a short distance when he stepped on one of them.

“Pew Pew” was heard and a row of poison arrows were shot out, which Mo Yi easily avoided.

The only problem was avoiding the arrows were easy but after the mechanisms were activated, it let out a ear piercing sound and the surrounding guards were all attracted by it.

Who is that!”

“Who’s there??”

“Quickly, men, someone has snuck into the rear mountain!”

The guards were yelling and shouting as they surrounded the location where Mo Yi was.

Mo Yi clenched his teeth, ignoring them and continuing to speed towards his destination!

The more mechanisms he activated, the more chaos he attracted and the number of guards pursuing him had increased!

Some of them had even recognised him.

But the distance to Heaven Crate Valley was nearing!

“Stop right here! Mo Yi, how dare you! You actually defied my orders and escaped from the water prison!”

Even Murong Fei pursued him and yelled out sternly, “Stop right there now!”

However, Mo Yi had already reached the boundary of Heaven Crate Valley and from afar, he could see a lightning stuck thunder field!

He did not dare to hesitate and increased his speed once more as he sped towards the raging thunder and lightning field!

“Stop! You think that once you enter Heaven Crate Valley, I won’t dare to capture you?”

The distance between the both of them was merely a hundred meters or lesser and Murong Fei rushed into the boundary of the thunder field. At the same time, she shot an sharp, icy arrow with shocking might towards the back of Mo Yi!

Mo Yi’s speed had already been raised to the maximum but the icy arrow’s speed was much faster! The icy arrow was about to penetrate his body!

At this very moment, in Heaven Crate Valley, a shocking loud boom reverberated!


A flash of bluish purple coloured lighting was seen in the sky!