Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 691

Chapter 691 Murong Fei Crispy On The Outside And Tender On The Inside

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It was as though in that instant that this lightning bolt illuminated the entire Sect. No matter if it was the front or rear mountain, everything was shrouded by a blinding flash!

Immediately after, thunder in the sky seemed to be attracted by this bolt of light as various lightnings tore the sky apart and came crashing down towards Heaven Crate Valley!

The two sets of lights combined together as one, as though a sharp sword, made a split between heaven and earth!

The sizzling sound from the lightning reverberated continuously in the sky and the radiance grew brighter, so bright that others were not able to open their eyes and some of them had even lost their sight because of it!

The minute the bolt of lightning split apart was the exact instance when Mo Yi rushed into the thunder field. Luckily it negated Murong Fei’s attack and he had already taken precautionary actions by using his Profound Energy to encapsulate the important parts of his body.

Even so, he was still unable to go against such a savage thunder and at the moment where lightning flashed past, he had been thrown outwards, throwing up blood in mid air!

Yet, he was already considered lucky. Murong Fei was much worse off!

She had been pursuing Mo Yi and throwing out attacks so she had not once even considered defence.

During the moment when thunder flashed past, her body was practically unprotected and when lightning penetrated her body, it had injured all her internal organs!

At the same time, she had been using the icy arrows to pursue Mo Yi so the Profound Energy displayed were forced back into her dantian by the powerful thunder attributed Profound Energy, causing her qi and blood to be in turmoil and her meridians shattered!

Murong Fei made an “Oof” sound when she had been struck by lightning on the head as she turned black. Her skin was completed burnt and had split open, displaying a crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Following that, she crashed heavily onto the ground, unable to move a single bit.

Mo Yi saw the state that Murong Fei was in and was shocked out of his mind.

Only, he recalled his mission and clutching on to his chest, he forced himself to stand up and move on.

Not far away, after the strongest explosion of raging thunder in Heaven Crate Valley had erupted, it was gradually quelling down but the intensity of the surrounding thunder field was much stronger by one fold as compared to when he just arrived!

Mo Yi looked at the lightning filled scenario in front of his eyes in shock and mumbled to himself, “It can’t be? Don’t tell me Master had just successfully breakthrough? He had advanced to the seventh stage realm?? Does he need to be so abnormal, he’s just twenty years old!”

As the commander of Li Moying’s Shadow Guards, MoYi had always been impressed by his Master’s power.

But every single time Li Moying would give him an even astonishing performance.

And every single time, it was refreshing his understanding of him!

Like this round, a twenty year old attaining seventh stage realm..what heaven defying rhythm was this!

He sighed for a moment and forced himself to adjust his remaining Profound Energy. Bearing with the pain that he suffered when he was struck by thunder, he surged on towards Heaven Crate Valley.

Even though he knew Li Moying had just advanced and it was necessary to continue staying in closed door cultivation to stabilise his foundation, but he couldn’t help but had to interrupt his Master!

Because during the time when Li Moying was in the Dark Moon Forest, he had already used his actions to tell him that — Huang Yueli’s life was much more important than his!

Mo Yi had only walked for ten meters when he felt the huge pressure.

The internal region of the thunder field’s intensity had gone beyond his imagination. To be so far away from the centre, he was unable to hold on any longer.

“Who dares to barge into my thunder field? To disturb my cultivation?”

At this moment, a chillingly stern voice echoed from above his head.